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User avatar #251 - shlacka
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(01/12/2010) [-]
Save funnyjunk with a poll about computors? Hypocrite. I thumbs you down for being a douchebag.
#275 to #251 - anon id: fde12ac0
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(01/12/2010) [-]
well shloser do you know how this works more thumbs ups the longer funnyjunk lives so if you really did put thumbs down, well YOURE KILLING FUNNYJUNK!!! thats right youre the cause of funnyjunks slow death! do us a favor and leave. <--- xilo denul came back bitches and he's not happy! "funnyjunk killer" even if the pic isnt funny still put in a thumbs up besides the ones who care about funnyjunk are the antifags and since you put thumbs down YOU are a FAG!!! This is Xilo Denul signing out although i never even signed in hmm... oh well im still signing off !..!. <-- thats a rock on hand sign!