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User avatar #165 - Superleggera (01/15/2011) [-]
1. If your character looks like you in real.. Im sorry
2. Well dude its only 12-13 that act like fags. Not 14 15 16. Stop thinking your the **** because your like 20 or some **** . Im 17. So thank god im not on your list
3. Screw repost,Screw OC, Anything that is funny. I tolerate.
4. Why is everyone ranting about it. Its not gonna fix anything.
Finnaly, 5. Kids arent faggots. I was 10 when I first saw FJ. I was an anon. And my grammar and behavior (in the internet. In real life i was weird as **** ) Was just as it is now. I was in gifted. Im so getting thumbs down for this. But im just sharing my opinion here
User avatar #200 to #165 - yourgrandmother (01/15/2011) [-]
What you're saying is just as bad as OP. You're also generalizing by saying that 12-13 year olds are fags. I don't know if you're being sarcastic by saying that you're not on his list, but you seem to disagree with him on anything that you can hold against him. Lastly, don't get me started on your grammar, which you ironically seem boastful about.
User avatar #204 to #200 - Superleggera (01/15/2011) [-]
Listen comment OP. I was just saying that SOME 12-13 are fags. The one who have a fetish with everything. You know i only mean that 12-13 have the potential to be faggots. Some arent. Oh and tell me whats wrong with my grammar. Just need a tip so I wont look like a dumbass nextime. But im not hating bro. You are kind of.
User avatar #220 to #204 - yourgrandmother (01/15/2011) [-]
You're still not seeing that you're generalizing "fag"-iness to a group of people. Even if you say that SOME 12-13 year olds are fags, which you obviously didn't in your first post, you still continue to say that "12-13 have the potential to be faggots. Some arent." So you mean that everybody who is not that age is a perfectly well-presented individual? Was Hitler a fag when he was 12-13 year old and then grew up to be a totally good human being? Just try to see the problem with your way of thinking and maybe you'll realize that you're ranting without purpose. Personally I don't care about grammar either, because spell-checkers do all the work for us, but you just seem to associate grammar so much to good behavior, it makes me sick.
User avatar #699 to #220 - Superleggera (01/15/2011) [-]
Wow you just keep bringing in troll power. Im talking about funnyjunk. As long as your not 12-13 (the ones that act like fags, not the nice 12 year old) on FJ everyone here is pretty much alright. Other than trolls of course.
User avatar #187 to #165 - Horyuu (01/15/2011) [-]
Dude. 12-90 act like idiots on this website, but if you are younger than 17, most of the old shows from reposts didn't even happen when you could actually remember them. Don't complain about people's opinions when you are still bumming off of your parents. and cursing as if it's absolutely normal.
User avatar #700 to #187 - Superleggera (01/15/2011) [-]
Dude im in college. I dont bum off my parents and Im not talking about any old shows here. I know I curse alot. But I do it because its nothing wrong. Your not going to kill the president by cursing. Its sound from your vocal cords. I dont even know why it matters unless you yell **** YOU!!!
#168 to #165 - CartoonZack **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
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