Mythical Creatures and Monsters pt5. Part 6 is now up!<br /> /funny_pictures/1502055/Mythical+Creatures+and+Monsters+Pt6/. CTULHU Cthulhu IS a monstrous e Mythical Creatures and Monsters pt5 Part 6 is now up!<br /> /funny_pictures/1502055/Mythical+Creatures+and+Monsters+Pt6/ CTULHU Cthulhu IS a monstrous e
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Mythical Creatures and Monsters pt5

Cthulhu IS a monstrous entity who has "dead ' n
the cty of wyw, a place of madness presently
and ) sunken depths Pawn: Ocean
Cthulhu appears fry muons monstrous and demonic yoyes fry early
myths human race away memory preserves Han as
most nigtmare Cthulhu IS the hwy onest of
the Great Old ones. unnatural wary hangs who Earth
mime humanity famed. worshiped as gods try some misguided
people t IS sad that They wayy return, causing worldwide insanaty
and mindless nosense heme Maw displacing humaity forever
we PM Krause ya new scary ghost fry way mytholigy
head wth hanging ho l and hunger
my blood and intestines t uses us tongue to Ianthe
dead carcass and sharptooth to chew on l t has a supplants wth
a ghost type Mun Malay's called the Cheat wth
dancing intestines' y
A Khmer princess, ya wed to many the tyrant
new way legume, but IS fry love wth one Alter hang
sentenced to death alter hang caught fry a niiden we the
young solder, she IS burnt awe, yet not heme she has magicky
incantations spoken may try a Khmer Although we IS
burned at the stake, Offs Khmer magic enables her soul to demain
unharmed fry ney head and bowels, escape the scene as we
transformed Antoine Southeast Asin Horror, the
Englsh Spang Heeded Jack was descibed by people
to have seen mm as haang and
app warms, wth , clawed hands, and eyes
that 'resembled red balls Mme" one vapor! charmed that, beneath a
black cloak, he wove a helmet and a whyte garment We
an "" Many stones also mention a "/ " aspect wyw
Mead Jack was sad to be tall and (my, wth the appearance Ma
gentleman, and capable of making greatcoats Several deports
memory that he could breathe out blue and whyte names and that he
wove sharp metang claws at ms At least two people
he was able to speak comprehensible Englsh
Beds to user"
resembles , poltergust, , created try
South Ashcan shamans who have been offended try someone we
may also wander, causing l goes,
paticularly to otherness/ s Include Is
appearance and gauged out eyes
Some Zulu people (and other southern Arkan tubes) are st/ l
superfluous when l comes to thigs We the supposedly
haw creature created by a waard to harm ms enemas
also known to Home women and We people' s toes)"
Beds to user 'Max Bone" brim:
Tins IS and ' behaved to be a
sexy normal woman by day and an em faying monster of terror at
we feeds on blood and only blood and the way she feeds
fangs We the average yamini we feeds using beyyer long, wry,
narrow tongue we inserts through cracks fry the roof of prefs houses
The Aswang w/ l feed especally on but not on those that
sleep on the edge osweyn mats For some mason she only feeds on
those that sleep fry the mums and supposedly announces (ms new
Beds to user Awesomosaurous" brim:
Awrite Lady ye atwa ghost purported to appear fry many
rural mas, and who IS supposed to have dyed of suffered trauma fry
his whyte Lady legends aye found around the world Common to
many ye the theme of losing of new betrayed by a ausland
finance' wey are often associated wth an famaly we, as
a hardanger When one ofense ghosts IS seen l indicates
that someone fry the famaly ' goong to dye. to a banshee
Generally, the aspects phenomena are watre ghost IS
female, dressed fry late era garb, seen drang along a may
road, and associated wth some local legend
Beds to Awesomosaurous" farms one as
new Thanks buddy)
These are monsters found fry Japanese By day,
appear to be normal human news By nyant, however, than heads
detach atthe neck smoothly bodes and anout
Independently fry search hanuman prey These heads attack by
to than ' , then closing fry and
e we head IS detached, the body We becomes
some legends, Offs serves as one few
weaknesses; fa head cannot locate and reattach to Is
body by sunrise, the creature dyes Legends often tell
the creatures by destroying m noding than bodes
Mme the heads are
Beds to "" farms suggetions
IS an om (mm Japanese that has the
appearance of an old woman but IS ayfkm that feasts on
humans Vaguely known as the ',) Hag,"
Mountain Woman," we ," and
has many stones nenene ney name
we has the appearance of; shoveled old woman
some of ney more features nanna a
disheveled, manical appearance. w/ onlooking nan. and an
month we IS sometimes depicted wth a kitchen
of stony wth a spool we often conceals
Thanks agayn to "" farms my appearance fry We chayse sense
we medusa was an ugly creature But she wasnt always that
ugly Agam, the Gods we
we Medusa was the daughter of Phony: and mo, the of
Gaye (Earth) and ocean's (Ocean) we was one three system
known as the Gorgons we system were and
Essaye Medusa was the only many out three we was once
very beautyful and wed fay fry the norm were the sun ddnt mt sew
very cums, she wanted to see the sun, and asked the Goddess
Athena my permission to wt the south Athena mused to allow her
to mt The menu got anga and dared to say that Athena hadnt
wen ney permission because we was jealous awey beauty that
was my Athena was angered and plashed ney ney ham mm
snakes and cuasing ney by making ney so ugly that who my cookes
at ney eyes would turn We stone
KERBEROS my Cerberus) was the gigantic hound guarded the
gates He was posted to prevent ghosts dead mm
underworld Kerberos was descibed as a thickheaded dog
wth a serpent' s tan, a mane , and a hwy‘: claws Some say
he heads, though Offs numner mam have the heads
serpentine mane
Herakles was sent to fetch Kerberos forth underworld as one
twelve labours, mask he through the grace
of Persephone
Around B c _ the Pleaders a small sun system wth a planet
called Earth on one osweyn scouting missions away Pomades
we Galacta Federated Pleaders to enter We a cycle
wth humans on Earth we places desolated dams was Ban.
twat, Samoa and Inda came and went on Earth wth many wars,
peaceful cycles and natural disasters, between 196, 000 B c and ya A D we
Pleaders stayed wth humans on Earth unify ya A D tryng to help develop
vacuous such as Lamina, Maya, Inca and at Machu
Pichu wey also were tryng to gums humans toward a move path
At anout ya A D T the last Pleader was yet Earth fey good,
because Pleaders Maw achived peace back home fry the Pleader wey fen l
was (me my humans to evryone on than own sew meanng Earth, the Pleaders
e... r_ h yet a sentral Emmanuel. who known as Jesus Emmanuel
was mew wyw soul, whose fatness's canny Mme Pleader system and
Mary who was of Lyman descent
Earth continued to evolve on ts own wthout dmeet Ramadan tayy any
the very , as Earth enters the Photon Band byway
2000, the Ramadans are goong to help hung all humans on Earth Antone Ight
Thanks was to read the Mn post fry thy: you my all and
recommendations, y hope youve had as much fun as y dd
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In the near future of 2000.

#52 - spector **User deleted account**
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(01/12/2011) [-]
Appropriate Front Page Post.
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Approved by faggot legion**
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Because we seek reform does not make us homosexuals in the least.
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it's a humor site, not a corrupt government.
#107 - xatu
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(01/12/2011) [-]
anybody else think of spring heeled jack from oblivion?
#110 to #107 - Qthepowerfull
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(01/12/2011) [-]
To be honest, I didn't know that the boots of springheel jack were based off of a legend.
#94 - RawrMeansIloveYou
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Were sorry.
#30 - DrCharizardd
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(01/11/2011) [-]
you for got to add justin beiber to one but you will get him in there next time rite
you for got to add justin beiber to one but you will get him in there next time rite
#33 to #30 - Thirstforfail
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(01/11/2011) [-]
i believe u must be thinking about the dick muncher.
i believe u must be thinking about the dick muncher.
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Foo Fighters!!!!
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(01/11/2011) [-]
User avatar #7 - PhenomenalSoldier
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How about putting the kitsune in the next one? They're my favourite mytho creature
#111 - Orangewo
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#114 to #113 - gatekiller
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2011... were da aliens at? they're 11 years late
2011... were da aliens at? they're 11 years late
#27 - RatchetandClank
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(01/11/2011) [-]
Cthulu is my hero.
Cthulu is my hero.