Time Traveler Saves the Day. She just got trolled big time. <br /> Still funny.. File: . 34.. 61. -(11.:. iiye. irag B, : -] Thumbnail displayed, click im Time travel fourchan thread funny the game jk lol

Time Traveler Saves the Day

She just got trolled big time. <br />
Still funny.

File: . 34.. 61. -(11.:. iiye. irag B, : -] Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Last Friday, I was getting out of work. I was in a meeting SC) I was wearing a suit, which ended up being perfect.
I was waiting at a crosswalk, and this lady wasn' t paying attention and walked into the street. She' s about ) I
guess? The street was pretty empty in both directions escept for a bus in the close lane that the lady didn' t see. The
bus was coming in pretty fast, and I dont know how she missed it, but her credit there were seine bus stops and
parked cars and stuff that may have obstructed the view.
Anyways, just as the bus started honking and slamming breaks, I grabbed her and pulled her back. She would have
probably made it anyway, but it made a pretty nice dramatic effect.
So this lady was really freaked out by the whale thing. She was serta stuck in between thanking me, and catching her breath. So (and wtf did this eema from I
have idea}, I pulled out my PDA and said "This is Commander Cigarrette, I saved the subject. The time is 4: 39 pm." She had idea what was happening
and kept looking at me all dumb. So I said something the effect of, "Ma' am I need yew signature affirm that yeu were here and I stopped yeu from
getting run ever by the 4: 39 bus."
I didn' t know what she thought about the situation, but I decided press it a bit further. I opened my pda' s drawing thing bee high teem and asked her
sign it, which she did.
I thanked her then fallowed up with "Your grandson is very important," which immediately I realized was really dumb because she didn' t look like she was
old enough have grandchildren.
I dont have a grandson," is all she said. I freaked out for a second, thinking I just made a tital ass of myself. But then I said "You will," and gave her serta a
wink/ smile.
The crosswalk light was green and I walked off . She stood there A few seconds later she yelled "wait!" but I was already adress the street and pretended I
didn' t hear and kept walking.
I have idea what she thought of the whale thing, but even the idea of her thinking I was from the future tatally made my day."
I Charles Mindraped / aio/ aio( : 41 ID:
i' never had a hero before, but i think yeu just made the list.
I Hamilton Donkeydog / aio/ aio( : dra :
File: . png -? B, .24 9: -r. -348] Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I ******* love yeu, Charles
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