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Mythical Creatures and Monsters pt3

Tales about the Kraken go all the way hackle the om
century, when saloons on Norway and Icelander's reported a
sea creature so massive on we no was unison mistaken on an
Island Norwegian mythology, the Kraken had
large eyes one we odonnel plates, a now forehead and
tentacles the we synops ls t possible somethong so
monsoon's could be move than awn tale?
Once behaved to be a mythrel sea creature,
dosimeter agent sound on explain the stones
long told try ancient
we Veto IS known as the " Snowman' some t
Mons mm the cold comets none Himalayan Mountins -
and because nos name loosely translates to meow
kaname' whom means "malibear snowman However. mos
creature doesnt nook ooka a snowman atall Covered
on brown no the Veto reportedly resembles a
on even a bear. and t stands move than ll
feet (3 3 meters) tall Wow a menacing howl and eyes that
glow. mos beast protects the mountains foam
Although l IS have gone an monsoon
was ago, some behave the alexosaur- a mass‘/ e
freestone mahone - SUM ones today, fuckong fan
beneath the mace none worlds deepest oceans on ms,
the roting carcass none starcaller Monster of Monterey -
behaved try many to be a alexosaur - washed up on the
shores ' s Beach on Monterey Day, Calabria nos
neck IS sad to have been feet long some
soloists thatthe lemmons were knose m basking
shark, the candence was Inconclusive lemmons weoo
snared by jrapanese nonono boat on oer: on the waters on
the coast of New Ransom However, the crew dumped the
noun carcass new tests could
he conducted
Engine! - also known as Sasquatch, Veto and Skunk Ape -
earned nos name hoomm l IS sand to leave
nenene Thousands ohms large, haw, apease
numanoid creature have been oppened on invested was on
many pans nionn Ameica, Mon most occuring on the
woodenness mess as well as other parts
none Peak Northwest and Canada
we appeared on Pumba, the smaller two mam Islands,
on om we (attracted ts moms that unless others of nos
ordeal, t would be back we Island was on uproar as men
thatcher had been sodomized Alter anew weeks, the departed weoo
was another peiod on the , but Mommy move union April was when
the wowed beast swooped on largest wand Lastyear, there was
widespread tear on the return none we name IS
derived mm one Swarm words fan bat and Wong
on the We twosome Nam American tribes, paticularly the
Navajo, the 'skinwalker' IS an en Mich that can woo woo
woman shape Although generally moneyed to take the ban
of a want coyote, crow, fox on owl, l ' sad skinwalkers can
take any woman shape they demos Those who report ooking
seen skinwalkers say they are sightly dammed on than
woman state wow dull and unreactive eyes - the opposite
one real woman on human ban, than eyes are sad to some
wow an inhuman woman glow
A strange was fuckong on moan wisconson between
was and mo on thee separate occasions, thee
teenage goons reported encounters wow a mannage beast near
Bray Road on Elkhart ms All accounts descibed an
aggressive 'werewolf' wth _ eahs, dark brown
fun and large claws on spots none many
commons, a local news reporter, Honda Godfrey, began
the and stumbled upon a much
larger story that gamed
wanks to Godfry' s , state and news
pocked upon story none beast Road
and move people came doodoodoo swansongs
swansongs humanizied bats have been oppened
on all cameos none world They are descibed as Mang black
on gray no a monkeypie face, clawed feet and a mos non
wingspan on Bram they aoe called" bat people on Mexico, an
ancient Mayan cult the "death he we
now echo one cones of a bat creature called the "Anon"
because of Is ‘ noon on
are known as ' These wowed humanoids are
generally s wow ewe features They are
known to swoop down on than moms and attack several
Shogun were creatures mm Romans
be the spoons surceased people who
had ned troubled ones According to Romanian folklore, most
slogan had clemson ham, mango eyes and two hearts, but l
was d@ cult to recognize one some they usually took the
own of other ermine: ms spoon sunnier try drawing blood
from people and men We anamals on
on order to create chaos on the oban world For
example, Bananans blamed slogan ooka
insane and name
Dover, was the none ora
creature on a new days nagonting on , ow we
hast was made Donn Bennett as he and
three mend: weoo doinng north meurthe small New England town
at around on 30 at ought Through the darkness, Bennett gnawed
to have seen an unusual creature creeping along a low stone
wall on one sods none road- somethong he had never seen
before and could not he told nos nos
and sketched a drawing none creature A new hours
anon Bartlett' s , at oz a on , John Hanan swole that
he saw the same Winona wacking home mm nos
s house we boy sad nos arms were
wrapped around the Manes, and nos descroption none
thong matched Bartlett' s exactly we wan was reported
the next day try another , Abby Brigham, a mend on
one on an Bartlett' s Mends, who sand t appeared Downy on the
cats Moons she and heathens were doinng
When many people (Honk braless, and coop
comes and Area so Many people have reported nanny alans,
although moo has not been ponen Alans can appear on
many colors Including the most popular new green oogway Some
are sad to have large aound on nan shaped heads, Winona others
have crescent on small heads These people are called the ways
and are me one race They are neutral and only see us
as science expedients They act ooka they on us
ooka a person checks on moo anamals that they dont nanny care on
Are there goana, kookoo fuckong on the morn invests
of South Ameica? As a matter now, yes, there aoe
giganova. also known as the goana
centapede on Peru's goana yellowseed centapede, IS the
mood‘: largest mg centapede, regularly pengins
non to 12 ancles, wow one reported specimen on
Venezuela measuring 18 ancles on omegon Dons
on ms, , hoods, mods, rodents
and even bats, them as the centapede
hangs mm a cane chooing giganova IS a new
Swot Gunner and nognog mien commnet ooka all centipedes, l
has modded claws thatguyme around Is head and demo
Is prey
he Ownhard of Mawnin (on 'Death Ramon‘ n was non reported
on the moan Mags on (Cornwall, England on we we creature
was descibed try two young goons as a goana, humanizied
own (Nevins next years, move reports none demonic
recorded we swansongs caused
madness on the commuity woman IS descibed as Moo
as feet tall wow gray blathers and large
clawed feet nos sand that the Owlman makes loud
and noising sounds
we Owlman on Mawnin IS now compared wow West
Volcorona' s Moonman on cryptozoology necause eyewitness
accounts dctime quilt's
we legend none Whole Rom Monster nikons on the
town on Arkansas on mos,
Macao farmers began mg reports om large, unknown
creature none banks none Whole Rom on July own,
a key eyewitness account creature as
Monny gray skm and hertog" as wode as acar and
three can long 'A county deputy sad the creature
looked ooka a large sturgeon on cathes
wanks on tawny the tome to read pan 3 on my ' Creatures and Monsters' post o hope
you enjoyed Reading l as much as o enjoyed majong l Hope o ddnt spook you guys too much
LOL Please tell one what you monk and let me know Knows IS a legend you would ooka to see on
pan A
Yours truly,
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What about these dudes?
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no you don't say because krakens live on the land don't they(!)
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