Weird Video Game Facts part 1. If this gets +10 next one will be way longer<br /> PART TWO: /funny_pictures/1460247/Weird+Video+Game+Facts+part+2/<br / Video game facts compilation comp
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Weird Video Game Facts part 1

Weird Video Game Facts
Dragon Guest was the first twee game to have a balet
based off of it.
A British man named Fat Chrudat (hilarious name aside) once went to
prison for four months for playing Tetris on his phone while flying a
Note: couldn' t find a picture for this one so have a BMX bike)
The only licensed game on a Nintendo system to have boobs in it is
titled "BMX XXX" and featured topless female riders. It was on the
Gamecube. .
so p ..Talk Ili' my if into
Dance Aerobics" was the first rhytm game and the second fitness
game ever created. (ifyou don' t count rapidly pushing buttons as
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the fastest selling twee game of all
Either way me:
tdt derp
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