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User avatar #116 - FuzzyBearCreature (01/08/2010) [-]
i would lay down and make it my dick, or my vagina. thats normal right?
#133 to #116 - Snakeeyez (01/08/2010) [-]
so if you sleep on your side and your Penis goes into your Vagina, does that mean your pregnant
User avatar #117 to #116 - HoratioC (01/08/2010) [-]
First, yes... we're all thinking it, but don't have the balls to do it
Second, how the hell can you make it a vagina?
Third, you said "my dick" or "my vagina"... YOU HAVE BOTH!?!?
User avatar #124 to #117 - JoeTheRooster (01/08/2010) [-]
User avatar #127 to #124 - FUCERSecondGeneral (01/08/2010) [-]
#135 to #127 - anonymous (01/08/2010) [-]

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