fresh prince of pokemon. . New this is 3. story ail about when. i beat my Rival back to ' I' d like to a moment, I wont be a pest. bl tart you how I became the
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fresh prince of pokemon

New this is 3. story ail about when.
i beat my Rival back to '
I' d like to a moment, I wont be a pest.
bl tart you how I became the Champion. the best.
In northwestern Pallet Town. born and raised.
Out in town is where I spent most of my days.
Dreaming up, fishing, relaxing, in the zone,
And flirting with my mom' s sister in his home-
Man he picked up -51 pogo; and was up to no good.
Started being an ass in my neighborhood.
We got in one little fight. and Gait got impressed.
He said. "Take this . now go catch the Tdii
I whistled for my friends. and when they came near.
The sister gave a toonman. Mom said. "Good luck. dear.‘
If anything I could say that I wanted to stay home.
the I thought, "blew forthat it...' homes. to Plateau!‘
I... pulled___ up to Indigo, at about some or eight,
Got , Tras! made the = yell, "RAPE!"
Beat up my Rival just We minutes later,
and registered not name as the Pokemon Trainer.
You' re posting in one
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Submitted: 01/07/2010
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User avatar #75 - MizBubbleGumChaos (01/08/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Anyone else read this in Will Smith's voice?
User avatar #27 - Vaurien (01/08/2010) [+] (2 replies)
raise your hand if you rapped it, cos its will smith
User avatar #34 - swiftarrow (01/08/2010) [-]
And he already stole a bike in the second episode -.-
#46 - MrSquiggly **User deleted account** (01/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
4chan amuses me :)
User avatar #43 - HomeSikk (01/08/2010) [-]
Damnit i read it in his voice agan D:

#72 - fefe (01/08/2010) [+] (6 replies)
when he says "podgey", does he mean pidgey?
User avatar #73 to #72 - RUSSIANxLEGION (01/08/2010) [-]
And more importantly, does anyone care?
User avatar #102 - brockpokebreeder (01/08/2010) [+] (5 replies)
hellz ya!
User avatar #108 to #102 - bulbasaur (01/08/2010) [-]
User avatar #96 - Rusnor (01/08/2010) [-]
I believe we have all just learned the meaning of life: To read this in Will Smiths voice and laugh. That is why we are here.
#69 - fefe (01/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
wow who ever posted this will die a virgan
User avatar #84 to #69 - BlackBirdofChaos (01/08/2010) [-]
Is that a type of Volkeswagen..?
#67 - fefe (01/08/2010) [+] (2 replies)
you guys are such ******* losers
User avatar #86 to #67 - BlackBirdofChaos (01/08/2010) [-]
Wut..? "I" am a loser..? And just what are YOUR qualifications to determine that "I" am a loser..?

Although, that would explain A LOT. Like - Why I should even CARE that you actually exist..?
That would be a totally freaked-out universe if all were losers. Except you, of course. And YOU would be the ONLY one to determine losers.

Ut oh.. I am freaking myself out..
User avatar #65 - vampireragdoll (01/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
There's just no way around reading that in his voice....
#117 - commando **User deleted account** (01/08/2010) [+] (1 reply)
i just fiugured out that ashes hat has a invert quick silver logo on it
User avatar #116 - Grracelynn (01/08/2010) [-]
omg, this is hella awesome
#115 - fefe (01/08/2010) [-]
i think i just raped this song out load
#93 - fefe (01/08/2010) [-]
This 4chan user is a WINNER!!1!
#89 - fefe (01/08/2010) [+] (2 replies)
epic. props to the guy who made that song up. not the fag who uploaded it to funnyjunk
#33 - fefe (01/08/2010) [-]
That is awesome.
#24 - fefe (01/08/2010) [-]
****** stole my pikachu!
#2 - fefe (01/07/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I just read this in Will ************* Smith's voice.
#1 - fefe (01/07/2010) [-]
FIRST! This deserves to be number one.
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