top 10 most interesting abandoned places. sry for long title pt 2 out soon. top 10 most interesting abandon places part. 1 10. Bodie, California Founded in 1876 lol
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top 10 most interesting abandoned places

top 10 most interesting abandoned places. sry for long title pt 2 out soon. top 10 most interesting abandon places part. 1 10. Bodie, California Founded in 1876

sry for long title pt 2 out soon

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top 10 most interesting abandon
places part. 1
10. Bodie, California
Founded in 1876, Bodie is the authentic American ghost town. It started life as
a small mining settlement, though found even more fortune from nearby mines
that attracted thousands. By 1880 Bodie boasted a population of almost 10, 000
such was the boom. At its peak, 65 saloons lined the town' s main street, and
there was even a Chinatown with several hundred Chinese residents.
Dwindling resources proved fatal however, and although greatly reduced in
prominence, Bodie held a permanent residency through most of the 20th
century. Even after a fire ravaged much of the downtown business district in
1932. Bodie is now unpopulated. The town was designated a National Historic
Landmark in 1961, and in 1962 it became Edie State Historic Park as the few
residents left moved on.
Today, Bethe is preserved in a state of arrested decay. Only a small part ofthe
town survives. Visitors can walk the deserted streets of a town and interiors
remain as they were left and stocked with goods. Bodie is open all year, but the
long road that leads to it is usually closed in the winter due to heavy snowfall, so
the most comfortable time to visit is during the summer months.
9. San Zhi, Taiwan
More of a modern choice this time. Belongs an abandoned City in the North of
Taiwan. In the area of San Zhi', this futuristic pod village was initially built as a
luxury vacation retreat for the rich. However, after numerous fatal accidents
during construction, production was halted. A combination of lack of money
and lack of willingness meant that work was stopped permanently, and the alien
like structures remain as if in remembrance of those lost. Indeed, rumors in the
surrounding area suggest that the City is now haunted by the ghosts of those
who died.
After this the whole thing received the treatment. And the
Government, who commissioned the site in the first place was keen to distance
itself from the bizarre happenings. Thanks to this, there are no named
architects. The project may never be restarted thanks to the growing legend, and
there would be no value in the area for other purpose. Maybe
simply because destroying homes of lonely spirits is a bad thing to do.
8. Carisha, Cyprus 'l
Carisha is in the Turkish occupied city of Karagusta in Cyprus. It was
previously a modern tourist area, and flowered into one of the most luxurious
holiday destinations. In the year of 1974 however, the Cyprus
and tore up the island. Citizens fled, expecting to be able to return to their
homes within days. The Turkish military wrapped it in barbed wire and now
controls it completely. Allowing nobody to enter to this day, aside from
themselves and UN personnel. The buildings are slowly falling apart. Though
on the positive side, rare sea turtles have begun nesting on the deserted beaches.
The Annan Plan had provided for the return of Carisha to Greek Cypriot
control, but after the rejection of the proposal by Greek Cypriot voters this
handwoven to has not materialized. That is not the end of the
story, as the Governments are working together to plan a complete revival of
Carisha to its former beauty. Currently, three concept hotel complexes have
been designed by Lama Inc. And by 2010, the facto "Turkish Republic of
Northern Cyprus" will apparently open Carisha to tourism once again.
Mirna, h u an
7. gungan
Hashima Island ( ; meaning Border Island) is one among 505 uninhabited
islands in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan about 15 kilometers from Nagasaki
itself. It is also known as "'' or Battleship Island thanks to its high
sea walls. It began in 1890 when a company called Mitsubishi bought the island
and began a project to retrieve coal from the bottom of the sea. This attracted
much attention, and in 1916 they were forced to build Japan' s first large
concrete building on the island. A block of apartments that would both
accommodate the seas of workers and protect them from hurricanes.
In 1959, population had swelled, and boasted a density of 835 people per
hectare for the whole island (1, 391 per hectare for the residential district) - one
of the highest population densities ever recorded worldwide. As petroleum
replaced coal in Japan's the woo s, coal mines began shutting down all over the
country, and Hashima' s mines were no exception. In 1974 Mitsubishi officially
announced the closing of the mine, and today it is empty and bare, with travel
currently prohibited. The island was the location for the 2003 film 'Battle
Royals II' and inspired the final level of popular Asian videogame 'Killerp .
6. Palestrina, Italy
Palestrina is gum a strange case in that it was extremely difficult to find any
decent information on it. At least on the abandonment itself. No one is quite
sure when the town was established, though records date back to before the
eleventh century - when Palestrina was owned by the Benedictine abbey of San
Pietro dei Monti. As you can see from the pictures, the upper part of the town
consists ofa Castle () and the lower part a parish church (of
Sant' Andrea). Records of population go back to around moo, when around
people lived there. Mainly famers who took advantage of the landscape
to farm olive trees.
In the late nineteenth century, the coast of Italy was struck by
numerous . one of these in 1887 (magnitude on destroyed some
villages in the area of Savina, and although no official records
was affected it coincides with much repair work and a dip in population. Finally
in 1953 the town was abandoned due to 'geological insolubility’, and the
remaining inhabitants (around 400) were moved to safer ground to the west.
The derelict part of Palestrina that has stood untouched and inaccessible for
fifty plus years is currently undergoing planning for redevelopment. Today
around we people town' s newer area whiches a good kilometer
down the road.
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