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User avatar #74 - CargeLock (01/01/2011) [-]
I'm glad the "It's Just A Plant" book exists. At least this way the kids won't believe all the lies taught to them by DARE.
User avatar #76 to #74 - piclemaniscool (01/01/2011) [-]
what does DARE teach?
#83 to #76 - GawainBoneCrusher **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #77 to #76 - CargeLock (01/01/2011) [-]
I dunno what they're teaching now. But I remember being taught that Marijuana was a dangerous drug. Just as dangerous as cocaine or heroin.
#105 to #77 - TheELSasquatch (01/01/2011) [-]
i remember DARE telling us that if you smoke marijuana your life span will be cut in half... i was ******* scared.. smoke everyday
User avatar #81 to #77 - piclemaniscool (01/01/2011) [-]
thats retarded
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