Epic Yahoo! Answers Win.. found this on the internet and screen capped it dont forget to thumb. How much was a loaf of Brad in ? t' h Peirce) m Business Broadba
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Epic Yahoo! Answers Win.

found this on the internet and screen capped it dont forget to thumb

How much was a loaf of Brad in ? t' h
Peirce) m Business Broadband business. /
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To find the answer, we must first quantify the value of Brad.
So how much is a human life worth? According to research by Stanford economists, a veer of human life is worth
about , 000. Wolfram Alpha tells us that the average age of a person named Brad is 35 veers, and that the
average life expectant' -J for a human male (worldwide) is about 69 veers. Assuming that procuring a loaf of Brad
involves cutting down a Brad in his prime, we would be depriving him of 34 veers ofline - a value of , 386, 000.
Next we must decide f a "loaf" is a unit of volume, or a unit of weight. In the UK, government regulation defines
a loaf by weight: 400 grams is a "small" loaf, and 800 grams is a "large" loaf. So let' s go with weight, and let' s
split the difference and assume that we want a medium sized loaf of Brad... that' s 600 grams, or about 1. 3
since the average weight of a human male is 166 pounds {according to Wolfram Alpha), we can assume that
Brad should sell for about , 421 per pound - which, using our previous loaf weight of 1. 3 pounds, sets the
price for a loaf of Brad in 2010 at , 345.
Finally, inflation must be factored in. According to an inflation calculator at western. com, what cost , 345 in
2009 would have cost , 710. 72 in 1975.
Thus, it is safe to say’ that a loaf of Brad in 1975 could be purchased for , 710. 72.
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well umm...okay? i saw it on yahoo answers...ive never seen it on here so am i supposed to know its a repost...read the description...it says i SCREEN CAPPED it..if i wanted to repost i would have just downloaded the picture and re-uploaded...so shut up and move on
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