Yahoo Answers Fail Compilation. NOT MINES <br /> YES THIS IS A REPOST<br /> found this on my hard drive today from when i now started lurking here.. Yahoo Answers fail
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Yahoo Answers Fail Compilation

Yahoo Answers Fail Compilation. NOT MINES <br /> YES THIS IS A REPOST<br /> found this on my hard drive today from when i now started lurking here..

NOT MINES <br />
found this on my hard drive today from when i now started lurking here....just though id upload it..

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Resolved Question
Help! tthink my Goldfish eptic?
Johnny on m everytime I take luv Childred out ms tank he starts having a rt m luv hands I
Gunners (WINK he mm be epeleptic are there any drugs I can gertrud the pet shop to help mm
or should I take mm tome vets
weeman I .c
Reportable TTI
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on n Hyena aha’!
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Ilka Landau Alma‘ en.. n. we Forall :
amrica We lava man: Osment: knda‘ Mae - warm: mayham men
Mindy IN Alum: wees em of Canada's an my an em nil
Amman: an Illa to work than Inc: n wmm In Bruno In chillum to Mr:
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2 rm' hi we
Addpoll n. I:
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mun: n. had marge I. men but um awn. Mun all an the an pawns hat
Thus would draw any self-
Grammar Nam MAD
and London, Pans and NORWAYLAND are
am Answer V Chasm unmet
Vow spalling may , my NM Warior In Ind yaw we my In
sacrum back ' you men.
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Resolved Shav n. ,
VERY POPULAR Techno Snuff? HELPIN, They planit
in clubs! 7
IALL/ AYE mirth: mug In the ladle IN uerthe we but lean! we Mm
us called " all beats ans pm we mm; It We we
we t nu In real slum, an alchey my " and I vll In lulu as t
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than an dun dura
dun dun mm dun dun mm dun mm
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I!" so my Mme Ii bad .naem. In but W sum Wynn my popular
lemma/ law sums tou we new thankful
wat least If ism the one that goes "unce
In """unce unce uncle ''
Open Question Show me another I
Where can I smoke weed in Disney World?
ml on a class mum deny world and my menus and I are baning weed we
heard that I nearly to smoke the park because Debugs and
ween cameras laas wondring lune IS true and where can I smoke
seen uncaught?
e on
Report Abuse
iv Interestedly V jamall 114 Save V
Open Question Show me another I
How do I stop myself from sleep rap g?
Ryan C us besserung a problem, every nght I suck I m a yrl' s butt
Hope he also else how Will
he yell SURPRISED ,
Realm Abuse
Ct V KEVIN 114 Save V
hump Home A omen. Curl Cl/ Zach
Open Question Shaw .
a What is the best kind drape to use on my can
He wail my - and to we we was _ china new ms
may!!! siut en my ml! peobably Wu en I an I In In We ls
than any we walt MM ms new em but net an In ms Ertha Din?
Maybe we Mal we Filmer: new thy we ennui?! we copw maugh?
ls Golden
Duct tape IS Saver'
Jr interesse' V ¥. Insan-
Dpwn Question .
How do I get dd 01 my period?
I t Raul new
Resolved Question
How Can u me
mil loelelele men urn new gunmen me; In "nrr' I semi new In ,
unmade ml seamen henna I do it?
I I was we
I l Raw: new
Best broswer, Chosen brisker
I km n Ml We new Few _ -aweet I gt mm mm m hulla M w
en an an nah min mm:
IKE 99
Farm new helps
amen J
new me '
Am I a mun or a woman?
m Vacuum
I new an
n new Anne
any - mean baiters
Tov we e mail -
ml MANGO Lethe : . PASS'
open Question snow mu N
Name all the letters that a letter S.?
Mn unaware and my have In be appered mm I spell II my my
spalling sucks
Answers an ! w:
engine an ' correctly
How do you cut hair with spoon?
Yes Yes, you DO need
professional help
new new
2 v imam es» v
Open "
Howl Everybody thinks a ?
w as and I was ‘Man I mam my dad cuming up the stalls so I quickly
amen Mum : pageant nomad the Home we than my be walked In
and an MD! looked we In ./ army nuns has book
new Capi explain tlad???
no Amp
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User avatar #2 - dickiebird
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(12/30/2010) [-]
also, this is hilarious.
#3 - bakedkake
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/30/2010) [-]
******* lol'd at the last one.
User avatar #1 - dickiebird
Reply +1 123456789123345869
(12/30/2010) [-]
jonny is a dumb ass
User avatar #4 - Deneshj
Reply 0 123456789123345869
(01/01/2011) [-]
but still funny... THUMB FOR YOU!