Comp of trolls and chats 2. hope u lold, got some from , part 1: /funny_pictures/1419537/comp+of+trolls+and+chats/. yeah, i tie? totatly have a thing for alder  comp trolls Chats omegle Yahoo funny part two
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Comp of trolls and chats 2

yeah, i tie? totatly have a thing for alder guys
16 minutes we _ we _ Comment
Pamela Abigail Garcia was this,
11 minutes ago _ Like
we our theres a pattern,
Write a comment.,.
heres part 2, just for fun.
How can I get alcohol?
len 15 and new alcohol for (May, l dont have any money and have no older friends
how can I gin "
Arrogance 2 vent: we in Revert was
Best Answar . Chosen by voters
Go ask a can to on ii in you Believe it or in they luv: to help was on the Illegal
They may an all rough and that, but really, lheyka a bunch ,
isengrine remember what II was like to be a kid with ma menu and needing something
Seriously ask a cop
2 was &go P WW
50% 2 was TRUST HIM!!!
ch t Darwin "good
5” om Talk to strangers'.
veins new chilling with a random manger. Say MI
omen: ma non min omega will not no in mm tn. new ‘Runyon’. arranger:
Stranger; Ill say asl
tranie, or horny
You: new on are you’? are you we or male? were do you We? and are you aroused’?
You: better?
or Melcor ,
Ynu‘ re rlnw chatting with a rennin stranger. say mt
omi: iai messages tram Omegle will not be sent with the label my
stranger: Ever have phone sex?
You: All we lime man
stranger: want 2 have phone sex with me w was your ft
You: That' s I like it better when it' me and the phone
Ytour partner has
an a or switch In video or send us : k
Was this conversation great? Download the my
mime to an
A missionary will be with you shortly.
Agent Troy] is may to assist you.
my There All yellow and
camerman mea yuan me m
was it mm is some slang term? theyre mocking me.
started tame about all of the things wiring with lemons' and
NM ' txg may Was in the path of darknes
Troy: Na
found a we site about new mentions '
was er vary distressing
ems try to rami ...
ayss you an help to he what he is entire about
and one
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their menus and social network.
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why do people ask questions on Facebook instead them
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just a pic
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