Remember That Movie?. I do remember it now... Dante You know that movie where Michael Cera plays that awkward yet oddly cute teen? The one where he ( all the ti
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Remember That Movie?

I do remember it now..

Dante You know that movie where Michael Cera plays that awkward yet
oddly cute teen? The one where he ( all the time and has awkward
advances? Yeah, I laye that movie,
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Ansel Wait, is that the one with Will Ferrel being a
dumbass? Or the one with Dena Washington being black?
Sun at 1: Sapm
Andre I think it' s the one where Sam Jackson yells a lot
Sun at 1: Sapm
Dante I think Jack Black was in it, making thinly yelled
sexual references.
Sun at
Sammy You' re all wrong. It' s the mooie where
Jason Statham plays this seriously tough dude, drives out of
explosions, and yells and punches. Am I right dame?
Sun at
Dante Possibly. It could have been the one with Will
Smith being an emotional tough guy with witty comments.
Sun at
Andre Don' t forget saving the world. Will smith always
saves the world
Sun at
Lee what was that one mooie where Keanu Reeves
makes no facial expressions?
William I laye the mooie where Nickolas
Cage makes some discovery and then is a complete dumbass
I also laye that mooie where Jim carry makes strange sounds
and creepy facial expressions at random times
Sun at 2:
Nick Or the one where Stallone can only pronounce
bowels. Can never remember what it' s called, but I' m a Fan.
Sun at 2:
Dante Well, the ones where Harrison Ford plays a
grizzled and warrior are pretty cool too.
Sun at 3:
Ben I like that mooie where Seth Rogen plays an
unshaken nerd who somehow has a really hot girlfriend,
Sun at 3:
Lee I it this thread.
Sun at 4:
Stuart I can' t pass up on that Chuck Norris mooie
where he' s a badass. Clint Eastwood was a bad ass in another
good mooie. Same with John wayne.
Sun at &
Logan I really laye that mooie where Booey
Deschanel plays the weird and arty yet hot girl, Good mooie. But
seriously my Fay is that one where Sasha Baren Cohen plays a
insane foreigner who mocks americans.
Sun at 9:
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Submitted: 12/30/2010
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