Fun in Seventh Grade. This is the greatest joke... EVER.<br /> This is complete OC...<br /> I'm reposting to see if it will get front page... Thumb  Front page japs Japanese atomic bomb hiroshima seventh grade School history
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Fun in Seventh Grade

This is the greatest joke... EVER.<br />
This is complete OC...<br />
I'm reposting to see if it will get front page... Thumb please!<br />
I would prefer you thumb the original, though:<br />
But I'll take what I can get XD

One day in a seventh grade class, a was g. iving: her 1-' ofa
history lesson, She was asking: the children questions that she
tham 111 know, but she needed to see how thair knoe/ lcds: c was, 111
thc curriculum around it,
She asked the class her first question: "Children? Whan ? the words,
Give liberty tor give death,’ said and who said
A small Japanese boys who had mrv/ to America from Tokyo raised his
hand, The teacher called on him, and he said in a strong: Japanese accont,
Patrick flunky, . C'
Ccry g, ood," said the teacher. "Naxt question: Vi/ ho the first the
Presidents ‘ the United States?"
cag, ain, the Japanese boys raised his hand. The teacher called ton him, and he
said, , ain with his strong, accent, "{' Washington, . 1111111 Adams,
1797. Thomas , 1801. James Madison, 1809. James , 1817."
Completaly surprised, the teacher complimented thc 1111111111: boy, "All rig: ht,
class, Onc last question. What was the bloodiest war in American History and
what was it fought ?"
For the third timk, the Japanese boy raised his hand and when called teon,
said, "The Civil War was fought 111-‘ er the preservation of thc Union, The
Confederacy split away from the Union such issacs as slavery and states
Absolutely surprised, thc praised thc bevy, She then spoke
the rest 111‘ hcr class. "Class, this bevy is an immigrant from a diferrent ,
Japan, and he knows a heck eta 1111 more about YOUR country) history then
yotl do!" she said in an ang. tone
Suddenly, a small 1-' 1111111 the back of the classroom , " ****
The standup, and ang: yelled, "Who said that?!"
A small boy in the back of thc 11111111 stood up and said, "Harry Truman,
U mad, bitch?
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