Stuff White People Like part one. Part One<br /> this is my first OC in a while, so please go easy on me if you dont like it... If you do then YAY!<br  stuff white People like
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Stuff White People Like part one

Part One<br />
this is my first OC in a while, so please go easy on me if you dont like it... If you do then YAY!<br />
*Part Two*

Strait White Peggle Like
I . Coffee White People gotta have their coffee.
F, _ I F o I Pieces where nurture penile go re shew artsy
I I m e, f tr 1 a S they are by sitting an truer and white
3. Farmer 's Farmers and tortanic Feed fail into the
sahre category because they been give we
4' Chaan Food people an be smug little bastards
abuse what they stick in their .
3 I 1 White peepee lam, diversity because it then: ta think.
they are unique because ofthe lack of their user: culture.
B mack Obam a " Slavery Thing"
behind there: lay voting for a. black president,
7'. ?seaking yoozel badfox not going outside
They like to get in touch with mute by **** in the woods,
8. Asian Girls White males are prone to a disease called
Yellow Fever. Those asian chicks seen...
9. fl/ ?' Organizations‘
White People just love he how caring they are by thrower's their rebney at
seine curse that they dent actually can about.
I o. Tea Because it' s the opposite earrape soda. Just Kidding! This is probably
because t. eebe, g* ernest. ' s, The British,
for part two -10 for GTFO
The {epics are hem I book celled "Stuff White Peeple Like“, but the " In .
Inn mule end extinct ' l' erad. ed byline .,. dath.,.
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Submitted: 12/27/2010
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User avatar #1 - lohrj (12/27/2010) [-]
1, 3, 8, and 10 are dead on. But especially 8.
User avatar #6 - usedtobeemo (12/27/2010) [-]
too bad I'm white
User avatar #3 - nevetsthereaper (12/27/2010) [+] (4 replies)
i don't agree with 2,3,4,5,6,9,10 and i am especially white, i mean, i live in oregon in the mountains, i run a small sawmill, play with chainsaws all day, and wear danners and wranglers. i'm pretty sure im white, idon't think im racist, i don't really like other race, especially other white people. with the exception of the german people. not hitler, but before that, and present day germans.mmmmmm vodka
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