Funny Jokes Part 3. Funny Jokes Part 3. Funny jokes Part 3 Three third graders, a white kid, a Chinese kid, and a black kid, are hanging out on the playground,  funny jokes
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Funny Jokes Part 3

Funny jokes Part 3
Three third graders, a white kid, a Chinese kid, and a black kid, are hanging out on the playground, and they decide to
have a dick measuring contest,
The white kid whips out his little penis. Then the asian kid whips out his, which is much shorter. The black kid smiles
and whips his out, and shows off that he is much much bigger than the other two.
After school, still beaming with pride, the black kid goes home and tells his morn, "Morn, Morn, my penis is way bigger
than the other kids in my class!"
His mom looks at him and says, "Well, son, you are 23....’
whats the difference between Jesus, and a picture of Jesus?
it only takes one nail to hang the picture
A so with no arms or legs is lying on the beach, begging all the passing men to have sex with her, Finally a man pauses
for more than a second. ‘Please! I' m 25 years old and I' never been fuckedy' The man considers the situation briefly,,
picks her up and throws her into the ocean. From the choppy water, she screams her dismay, to which the man
answers. "Well, you' re fucked howl‘
mat finished watching Obama' s Inauguration, and was suprised to see hardly any white people there.
But then again they were probably all working.
one nuns. Sister Mary and Sister Elizabeth are walking thaugh the park when they are jumped by two thugs.
Their habits are ripped fmm them and the men begin to sexually assault them,
Sister Elizabeth casts her eyes heavenward and cries, 'Forgive him Lord, for he knows not wrist he is
Sister Mary turns and means. "Oh Sod, mine deem l l“
During a man' s annual physical, the doctor asked him to drop his pants and put his hands on the table.
About 3 seconds into the rectal exam, the man cries out "UH MY Gun!‘
The doctor asks him what the problem is. The patient replies: The last doctor I went to did this with both hands on my
A teacher noticed that a little boy at the back of the class was squirming around. scratching his catch. and not paying
attention, She went back to find out what was going on, He was quite embarrassed and whispered that he had just
recently been circumcised and he was quite itchy.
The teach er told him to go down to the principal' s mice- He was to tale phone his mother and ask her what he should do
about it. He did it and returned to his class. Suddenly. there was a com motion at the back of the room She went back to
investigate find him sitting at his dealwith his penis hanging out,
l thought I told you to can your moil' she said. l did,' he said, who she told me that it I could stick it out till noon, she' d
come and pick me up from school.'
A cannibal walks into the clearing his tribe uses for a toilet. He es his best friend having a shit and crying his eyes out
whats wrong with yuu?" he asks.
His pal looks up at him with watery eyes and awe Tve just dumped my girlfriend,"
A guy walks into a bar on top of a ski scraper. He sits down nekter a buff looking guy who looks like he had a little more
booze than he can handle,
The buff guy looks at the bar tender and then at him and says
hey, did you know that this Building is in such a way that if I was to jump out the window and the wind would
glide me the ground. The man, who decided he could use a laugh said, ‘prove it)
So the guy walks over to the window and jumps out. A few minutes later he walks back into the bar and says, 'told ya.'
He looks at the bar tender who is shaking his head and laughing. and says. 'do that again.' So he does it again. The man
walks out to the window and jumps out and falls WEI stories to his death.
The bartender looks atthe buff man and says. 'you now. you are a real asshole when you' re drinking, Superman
A man walks into a bar with a monkey, he sits down and orders a beer. The monkey runs around from chair and table -
he goes crazy jumping all over than leaps up on to the pool table, picks up the cue ball and eats it. The bartender,
furious over the monkey' s behavior yells, "Hey! Your monkey just ate my cue ball), New get out others and take that
animal with you.'' The man gets up apologizes and leaves,
cm week later the man comes back to the bar with the monkey. He sits down and and orders a beer. The monkey
starts up again, jumping all over, swings around and lands on the bar. In front of him is a bowl of grapes. he picks up a
grape. sticks it up his ass, pulls it out then eats it,
The bartender who had been watching the whole event, is livid, he yells, "Doom that it disgusting'. Why did your
monkey just stick a grape up his ass I pull it back out, then eat it??
The man replied, ‘Ever since that cue ball, he makes sure everything tits.,''
Hope You liked them!
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