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User avatar #176 - IKilledKenny (01/04/2010) [-]
canada isn't a real country anyway... it's america's hat.
#184 to #176 - musicformann (01/04/2010) [-]
canada isn't the USA's hat, USA is canadas ass
#202 to #184 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
...Mexicos a turd?
#219 to #202 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
makes sense
User avatar #182 to #176 - onyxrose (01/04/2010) [-]
does that mean Mexico is Americas condom?
captcha: large WTF
#177 to #176 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
Canada is part of North America, Btw it's called United States OF America.
User avatar #194 to #177 - Boozehound (01/04/2010) [-]
Canada is a free country once owned by France and the U.K, depending on which region.
Where the fuck you got that it's part of North America, I'll never know but plz take your school to court because they are failing you.
#228 to #194 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
North American is a Continent buddy, Mexico Usa and canada are part of it
#196 to #194 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
WWOOO BRITAIN!!!!! LAND OF ....... sumthin kick ass i can think of jst nao :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
#178 to #177 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
yea but usa america is called america because its shortened and easier to say
#180 to #178 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
cuz it's better than the rest of North America and South America combine :P south america is USA's back yard. the place you dump all your old crap, take your dog to shit, and only adventure in when you want to have adventures that envolve getting eaten alive by giant insects.
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