Naturally get High. So...this caused a friend of mine to get a concussion (He missed the line about not hitting his head). Thought I'd pass the useful informati amazing Natural Drugs bad ideas fun
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Naturally get High

So...this caused a friend of mine to get a concussion (He missed the line about not hitting his head). Thought I'd pass the useful information on to more people.

This eould bus useful ffyou astor find
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various situations.
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knowing what it is salad or what amass it.
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pressure Ems ' euphoria. bodily
audits wind distortions. a fainting.
1. Sitin swam position
2. Breaths in
3. Stand up
A. How hard as possible,
that brain wil btt of for a
low swarms and you wit foal high and
than may pus outfits samba
dont worry - it was mm of
airman ion for soil dams? to
smut. just stirs you dont hit your
If t doesn' t work for you, try putting your
has was your tattoos whoa squatting
snow morass of stop 2.
You may not has : it, but shoals
is a substances. Tho
CK? -' Glitz ramps that wants by
breathing ogctom sis constant rats.
By moving tho manor volume at
tho grooms! possible rats
you no minimize tho
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thus may units no amount of ,
Afloat Isidro# imat amount of rapid map
your body will artist ralated
and bairn stats. Mist minutes of this,
highs pan M Emma.
Volt may has already this
afloat as wall. Hypnogagia is ralated to
paralysis. whim can M scary to
than unfamiliar with it, but is musty a
pretty good high with
possible . waking drowns
and ash strait soups maid dreaming
whan yours it.
Whoa yours about toga to shop at night,
simply my in the supra position ion our
basic: and dam mayo at all. ‘fail will so
an Argo to shift or roll over. this is your
brain tasting your body to sas ff its awaits.
By staying still you ash trio: your brain into
thinking you' has and your body wil
bagin to paralyze half and you will rarish
fully conscious and
hallucinations and s
waking maid drum.
If you wants and your trip you ash shock
your body into waking up by hot! rig your
This ' s simple: continuely strait
yours" with s‘ -tortuous morass. in which
tho loyal of intensity if bassoon
and high. and breathing is difficult. Your
brain wil roams endorphines just no the
ones saints this brain during opioid highs.
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User avatar #1 - charleyman (12/20/2010) [-]
postural hypotension just makes you pass out. i broke my friends tv doing it.
User avatar #2 - KirbyFullyLoaded (12/21/2010) [-]
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