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User avatar #451 - Crux
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(12/18/2010) [-]
God doesn't exist.
#464 to #451 - australopithecuss
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(12/18/2010) [-]
You can't say that for sure. You can't say that Flying Spagetti Monster doesn't exist. Or dragons... We can say "probably". Nothing can be proven 100%. Except math...
#474 to #464 - Xfootballer
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(12/18/2010) [-]
But what we can do is say what is more likely to be right, after all in science nothing can be proven, only disproven. What we can do is look at the evidence and determine what most likely happened. And so far the most probable conclusion is that a god or gods or whatever the hell you call it does not exist.
#483 to #474 - EMOPABLO **User deleted account**
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