Mac and PC.. it's true, don't deny it mac users.. 8 core 8 core Pentium DDT? 3 DISH? 3 loo 24' Displays Tun: 24' Displays 2: Nwh' A Geforce ( SLO b M/ Geforce (
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Mac and PC.

it's true, don't deny it mac users.

Tags: Mac | vs | Pc
8 core 8 core Pentium
DDT? 3 DISH? 3
loo 24' Displays Tun: 24' Displays
2: Nwh' A Geforce ( SLO b M/ Geforce (h I 21% Stl)
CD I DVD burner CD I flirter
wireless Mouse I Keyboard Mouse I Keyboard
USES I Firesquire I '
Con become an Mar: Can become an PC
l 400. 00 + tax
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Submitted: 01/01/2010
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#7 - anonymous (01/01/2010) [+] (3 replies)
User avatar #8 to #7 - nabi (01/01/2010) [-]
yes, but mac costs more, has a bit higher res tho, but that can also be easily patched for a pc.
#4 - anonymous (01/01/2010) [+] (5 replies)
i have aq Mac Best god damn computer i have ever had.. had it about 2 years now its got 6 gigs of ram i use it every day and not a single virus and no trips to the shop
User avatar #6 to #4 - nabi (01/01/2010) [-]
well, I have a PC.

and I have been using it for 3 years now, still no viruses.

so, yeah, I can easily crack a demo of a top antivirus to a full version (wich I did) you just wasted tons of money on a pc with an apple on it. how sad.
#2 - anonymous (01/01/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Just to be clear At least you macs not gonna get a virus from dling porn
#5 to #2 - anonymous (01/01/2010) [-]
someone should just create one that does something really simple to just piss em off
User avatar #17 - xKaTaKyLzMx (01/02/2010) [+] (2 replies)
pc's can get viruses ******** ...
User avatar #19 to #17 - nabi (01/02/2010) [-]
...because nobody bothers to make viruses for that piece of crap.

and FYI: if you can afford\crack a good enough antivirus, your safe.

smart one.
#12 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [+] (4 replies)
Where did you get that pc for that price, I have a $1500 hp and it sucks
User avatar #26 - cookiesandoreos (03/02/2010) [+] (2 replies)
Ok im sorry but my mac cost me 1200 dollars.
Being completley honest here, I've had 3 problems with my mac and i can't even remember how many problems i had on my pc. and macs are upgradable....
#28 to #26 - nielsbentzen (11/05/2013) [-]
nice trolling bro you almost got me
#10 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
actually macs are upgradable
User avatar #1 - nabi (01/01/2010) [-]
just to be clear before all I don't know if it's a repost and I DON'T CARE.
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