5 Funny Facebook Status'. Just some Facebook status' I put together Please thumb and comment . Sarah Hm/ mmg so much fun mm my system started ex who cam my who
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5 Funny Facebook Status'

Just some Facebook status' I put together Please thumb and comment

Sarah Hm/ mmg so much fun mm my
system started ex who cam my who many needs a we
about an hour we Comment T we
make ' tirade' t have a -any
we my my great
l inutes we
David _ ts
we males are the most stupidest creatures
about My new we Camment Mk:
Annie and 5 emu; Mk: this.
D Wee an s
my ‘mm: that was WIN! ‘MOS! stupidest'
though .
Jessica there mud y and an the
2 miutes we
my Mum: that win Max: "there stimmt"
z mane; ago new
JD RIP Gary axleman.
E inners we we Facejunk my Pine R Comtent we
Sim jwnb may
31 merles ago' new
eddy say
about a new Ear Delete
ago‘ Delete
1911- Due awe divinest end ems ever He owed
my afferent Strokes,
about a New new
Sim jun we
a ago' Delete
a few seems ago' new
Dirnt_ trang Ademan
e miliseconds ago' Delete
Emmi newsman you sumo may
a my seconds ago' Delete
Ashley F! my black eye" h mg hurts. I swear
system ya zed up, lam probably gammy charged wth even though!
never ht her, an because I men the mes at the men. But she (oak my from me,
f she wanted them sheen mum have opened heyday bush mouth when [threw
them at her, wen she woldnt have been mes, they would have ended up
m hey men .
Monday at 12 may Cdent _ we
sh Kym and Joey We ms
Keler what we hell happened"?
Monday at 12
Jayme '
Monday at ll may
may uh x went we and ordered
sane fund. meme my we and sat dawn [ate some my
Mes and they had my salta y the manta The
lady bed my food As y M wake backin we table we may
walked by and grabbed we as hes and Me
my hand [doitnow ms eddy, my any new she Cristy n
Awaked my he her and why she mnkay fund. why
we had we heme STEAL fbid my someone [then
she was hungry Cause we was n any fist, sax
threw wen ather face Nanny anew dsen' toem her hymn
to eat wen
Monday at 12
my New she began tn my we
me the dudes an Jersey Show as, dd yummy
face, and Potholder she m we we 200 pounds [ended
no on we mummy new may so y Wppd ever the mum
and y (ed up as y dd 1 stand up and mew Came!
Sauce ather. was an x mum Md and faund tat the Hews
mummy near the reciters yes 1 Maed behind the reciters
she my wed meetme my my the counter Then y threw
truefather ,
we shut, and my he had a scratch and a huge bums an t
Mandalay ll may
may - Muled the permit test. my the thrd me. [Imus boss 3
as Pager's tin.
as Trites we
was sunny F
37 inutes syn
Zn mortem we
car. Alec, rm weeg my In the my n we event
namy We my weed
my ether army ovas! may
ya Trites we
ye no
may - my whey;
ye miutes age
Stacie_ _ ts
to Trites we
In druggs we
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Submitted: 12/16/2010
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#1 - hawkeyeful (12/16/2010) [-]
@ Brooke on top: And "your" is not a proper way to say "you are".
User avatar #2 - Maggotkittie (12/16/2010) [-]
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