Who the hell is this?. See that green button down there? I don't give a damn what you do with it.. Istari LIES furt/ E ERSE THOSE . l. ACTUALLY 15% at us are HU
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Who the hell is this?

See that green button down there? I don't give a damn what you do with it.

furt/ E ERSE THOSE . l.
15% at us are HUI gay. have my idea the hell this rs. and can' t give 3
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Submitted: 01/01/2010
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#199 - anonymous (01/15/2010) [-]
do a back flip
#198 - anonymous (01/04/2010) [-]
**** that stupid ass little **** in the ass with a rusty spoon
#196 - anonymous (01/03/2010) [-]
Get lost piker, this is my snipin' spot! STANDIN' AROUND LIKE A BLOODY IDIOT!

captcha: TF2 Sniper
#193 - DanPovenmire **User deleted account** (01/02/2010) [-]
justin bieber! hes so dreamy. i just want to butt **** him so hard! he cant butt **** me though, since he doesnt have a penis.
#194 to #193 - sadmanboy (01/02/2010) [-]
are you really 46? how old is that kid? he dosent look older than 14, and your saying you want to butt **** him? wierdo...
#195 to #194 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
either way,he wants to **** in a guy in the butt. epic fail.
#197 to #195 - anonymous (01/03/2010) [-]
so you're in the 85% category? My condolences to you.
#192 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
User avatar #191 - azhole (01/02/2010) [-]
one day, im just sitting there quitly, minding my own buisness, when he shows up and everyones al like "oh my god i wanna marry justin bieber" and im going "what kind of name is bieber" they show me his singing, and now i am be scarred for life
#189 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
by telling us that you do not have any real preference to what should be done with the green button, you inwardly are expecting to achieve higher thumbs up's by the use of reverse pschology. i see how you disguised another one of those "thumbs up or you're gay" pictures into something seemingly harmless.
User avatar #190 to #189 - Aiwatcher (01/02/2010) [-]
Neutrality is the way out my friend. Seeing as he doesn't CARE what I do with it, I wont do anything at all! Ive foiled your plan!
#187 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
#186 - sadmanboy (01/02/2010) [-]
instead of asking who the **** he is, just type his name into google?!

but seriously, who is he? :p
#184 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]

Danny p , donny p and bobby p Rocks!!
#183 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
seriously who the **** is that and where did he come from??
#188 to #183 - concaso (01/02/2010) [-]
disney, that's were curse you disney
#181 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
The whore's begs for a thumbs up is getting more and more stubborn
#180 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]

Danny p , donny p and bobby p Rocks!!
#182 to #180 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
I've seen this possst like seven timess!!! Spooky or whaattt?

Captcha: Anglo, do they mean Angle? Jesus some ppl can'tt spell for shiitttt
#179 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
i would be up there with him throwing him down the ******* building hahah
#176 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
im a girl ang i love justin bieber

#177 to #176 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
I'm a girl, but he's still a gay fagot. freaking out over him isn't going to give him a penis.
#175 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
He is some canadian kid that kept on saying "Aye", and "One" in every song that he have.
User avatar #170 - PedoBearFTW (01/02/2010) [-]
I really don't know who this kid is, except he's a 15 year old ****** who girls have panic attacks over...
#169 - Mr Big **User deleted account** (01/02/2010) [-]
Maybe hes a random douchebag that rondomly appears famous on media. Like kevin federline and ryan seacrest
#168 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
who is he
#167 - anonymous (01/02/2010) [-]
yup id do it i would help him down by pushing him and also id shoot him with a 12 gauge while hes falling
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