Retarded Christmas Gifts. Y U NO LIKE IT. B anana Gm rd We get that it' s practical, hut come on - no one wants to he associated with a good place to stick a ba Christmas gifts Stupid
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Retarded Christmas Gifts

B anana Gm rd
We get that it' s practical, hut come
on - no one wants to he associated
with a good place to stick a banana.
I It' s like a Snuggie, for . And
the new mom that you' ll homily if
you dare Present her with this.
l\ microphone Tongs
an . caru
meets multitasking
with this ingenious tool: microphone
tongs. Now you can indulge in your
wildest rock star hum while
Preparing a healthy snack. Besides, the
old singing’ - routine is
so ' teen movie.
Dog l\ bustache Toy
aong' oods. co). u
Muck like photographing infants
decorated with fake leaves in
flowerpot; the dog moustache is
just plain cruel. But hey, this type of
torture only costs - those
photos of l, , ies in flowerpots are
way pricier.
Pet Petter
its for the prank gift hoe,
For those who find pet ownership a
stressful and exercise,
this device eliminates actually
having to touch your pet ever again.
Now the only thing you' re
responsible for is picking up poop.
Gold Pills
gnrm. laiz
We have nothing against gold
unless it comes in pill format,
only to he seen again
Inflateable Fruitcake
i The idea of a holiday
dessert is definitely appealing,
hut if you' re 1, this
blowup fruitcake to your office
holiday party, may we suggest
Unhinging an actual, edible sweet
Spraycan Hair
Nothing says "1 care, hut only a
little" like a product that helps
men with hair loss...
hair on their land
spots. Who wouldn' t want to run
their hands through a thick mane
of aerosol?
Serial. killer mask? No, it' s just
a mask that' s supposed
tore lice ea “run es
strapped to your face. On the plus
side, it' s , and can
abul, as a hockey 11. 1. 1512 or
Ha plowmen co stun».
Butter Warmer
Starting at , Yahoo! Shopping
Does your gifter need a wreak
from watching paint dry? Now she
can watch 1, atte,: melt... a little
faster this holiday season with
hay {mm this hatter . uer.
Retro Phone
An. bazon. con. i
If a hipster answers his cell via a
retro phone receiver attachment in
the forest and there' s no one there to
see it, is it still ironic?
ell. Mate Headset
There' s no gift more thoughtful
than what ha squally an. bounts to a
headset and plants your Zack
Morris cell phone to your face.
And it looks great, too.
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User avatar #2 - GrapeFace
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(12/13/2010) [-]
Why is there alwas the banana gaurd in every one of these comps
User avatar #1 - rightwing
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(12/13/2010) [-]
[url deleted]