Awesome shit and easter eggs 2!. Hope you guys enjoyd this useless nostalgia and hiddin content!!<br /> <3333. Awesome things you may or may not ha Easter Eggs are fun
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Awesome shit and easter eggs 2!

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Awesome shit and easter eggs 2!. Hope you guys enjoyd this useless nostalgia and hiddin content!!<br /> <3333. Awesome things you may or may not ha

Hope you guys enjoyd this useless nostalgia and hiddin content!!<br />

Awesome things you may or
may not have noticed!
in the increment) les game, on the
first dash level, you see a truck
appear twice that has a rocket On
top of it. this is the pizza delivery
from my story.
At the beginning of the third sequence, in assasins
creed . Ezio' s Uncle says "! Mario!" which
is a reference to Super Mario Bros. To further
support this is Mario Auditore' s Italian nationality,
like Mario of Super Mario Bros.
On the first level of Enter the
Dragonfly, you are required to Lies
your flame Breath to free the dragon I , CIVN
elders. when you free each one, it ' ' - ' q
shows their name. Their names are
references to martial arts legends.
The names are as follows:
Jackie[ Jackie man)
Jet( Jet Li)
Bruce( Bruce Lee)
Miyagi[ Mr. Miyagi]
in the episode Sandy' s Rocket when
they first test off you can see them
falling and then they hit zero gravity.
of all the things floating around one
of them is a book called . A
reference to "moi A Space Odyssey".
In the episode Returns and
Squidward is talking to him outside ,one
of the fish following him is wear
spongebobs clothes but for a fish.
In the episode where
Spongebob, Patrick, Mr. Kra
and Squidward have
to go on to land when
sandy is looking for a
pickle jar right before she
grabs it look at the stuff
she' s throwing. one of
the items is a yellow
In the episode of ed, edd and eddy where the three ms get stuck in
Johnny' s wall and begin to tell a tall tale of adventure Nth each of the
Eds' little twists, there is a cool little reference. Right after' "Double D"
gets interupted by Eddy, Johnny says he is bored and wants to hear
stories of "octopus' s Gardens", "Silver Hammers" and "Mr. Kite".
This is an obvious reference to the Beatles songs octopus' s Garden,
Maxwell' s Silver Hammer' (off of the album Abbey Road) and "For The
Benefit of Mr. Kite" (off of the album Sgt. Pepper' s Lonley Hearts Club
There is a secret hippo image Within Halo. f you
fire a shotgun, then look at the shell With a
zoom. There is a hippo on the shell. The reason for
this is that one of the creators loves hippos. (That
is why there are hippos on Halo 2)
in the game Uncharted: Drakes
Forsome.. in the game you' ll pick
up a treasure called a "strange Relic"
though l don' t exactly know where l found
it). This treasure looks like a precursor orb
from the yak games. Since Naughty Dog
was the maker of Jan I guess that' s why
they had that egg in there.
In grand theft auto 4:: Fly a copter to the statue of
happiness. Jump out of the copter so you land on
the highest area with doors. One of the 4 doors will
have blood stains on the floor in front of it and i?
signs on either side saying "no hidden content
through here". That "door" is actually NOT SOLID. so
walk through it to find a ladder. climb the ladder, and
you NII be face to face with the beating heart of
the city! f you shoot it blood will come out
In GTA 4: When you have access to the bohan
apartment, look on the floor next to the table using a
sniper rifle and you mil see some albums, one of
which is Loc' s. Loc was a character from San
Andreas who was striving to be a famous rapper. He
wasn' t very good at rapping, but that didn' t let him
According to the egg, 06 Loc must have published
some albums in the 10* years difference between San
Andreas and 4.
While watching the Weasel (Fox reference) channel on your oregame TV,
you' ll find a show called Republican Space Rangers. This is clearly a tongue
reference to the Halo franchise. Poking fun at the fact that even
though some of the aliens in Halo may seem harmless and petrified of
Master' Chief, you have no choice but to kill them. This is illustrated by the
Republican Space Rangers‘ "inability" to understand the peaceful alien race
who also speak engilsh). The peaceful alien asks the was for help but end
up being attacked.
Republican Space Rangers‘ armor is very similar to Master' chief' s. And the
music played in the background is also similar' to the music in Halo 3.
J, Yrl
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How is this not in the front?
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Dick Commander and Butch deserve to have a cartoon series on Youtube or some website
#5 - anon id: 5e6ae69a
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ever noticed how when looking at Sandy, YOU'RE LOOKING AT AN ANIMAL'S UNDERGARMENT!?!!
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