Vagina Rubik's. Yeah... Apparently this is between two of my friends.<br /> Requested by my friend here's the link: rubiks cube vagina trollolo

Vagina Rubik's

Yeah... Apparently this is between two of my friends.<br />
Requested by my friend here's the link:<br />
answer if u want ^_^

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typen Causation Show me another in
Which Rubik' s Cube is easier to insert into as
I overheard my friends at lunch debate which Rubik' s Cube would be most preferable
to insert into a woman' s vagina.
The options are:
A 2 it 2
A T it T
The friend who advocated the Eli? said that because it' s not actually a cube and has
smoothed out corners, it' d be easier to insert. The friend who advocated the 2312 said
that it has a , even if it was -
So, , which is easier?
Edit: The size ofthe vagina was not specified. Obviously large enough so the Eli?
could compete, however.
3- hours ago - It days left to answer. Report Abu
insaner Question
it really depends on the size ofthe Adel (since rxr is standard, while Adel varies)
the average circumference ofa baby' s head during birth is about 35 cm, meaning it
would have a diameter of about cm wide.
now a ? cube has edges a little less than T cm. we can calculate the distance from
one corner to the one opposite from it, to find the diameter as if it were a circle:
we know the length of an edge is T, and the diagonal distance to a corner is " due
to the 45 degree angles of a cube (if we pretend that a rxr IS a perfect cube in the first
place) .
pythag l up
now for a 2x2, let' s say each edge is about ccm:
diabeto cm
so from this we know that fitting a ? cube into a woman' s vagina IS completely
possible, because it would be just about as hard as having a newborn baby pass
through it, due to the roundness- Additionally, the added lube that Hubs (the brand
that makes Txr) puts in the cube when you purchase it tends to leak out of the pieces
themselves as you touch it. This could possibly make it easier to insert than giving
birth to a child.
For the Adel, the diameter is slightly smaller, but it would be much more difficult to
insert because of it' s sharp edges. Instead of beginning the insertion with a rounded
and less wide area, to insert a Adel cube you must either start with a corner, or a full
edge. This would cause much pain. Because ofthe Ad's structure (any brand), lube is
not released as it is solved or touched, therefore trying this would not be smooth and
would end up in much bleeding.
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