Confessions, Read description first.. I found these on a confession website and i put the ones i found most entertaining plus the comment about it i liked the b
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Confessions, Read description first.

I found these on a confession website and i put the ones i found most entertaining plus the comment about it i liked the best.<br />
Thumbs if you liked, and if this post gets +50 thumbs then ill show the link to the website

Tags: confess | lol | bad
Confession stories
I. I' m 17 and I have been ineresting my 10 year old sister for the
last 3 years. I am a minster who want to have sex with
children. Twant to blew my brains . She should hate me but
she doesn' t. Iwish she did. Well I guess maybe she might, but
she doesn' t show it. Der parents always work, and aren' t
really close to either if us. I was in charge d her and I abuse
my power. I want to stop, but I den' t know how. I sinc erly hope
that she tell and I get killed in prison er something, because I
am net strung to stop en my mm.
Favourite comment: Pics er it didnt happen
E. yen see it isn' t re ally sex but i love to masturb ate and i taught my
sister how to french kiss Itoi she in to it and istill fall asleep and wake
with he making out with me. and i f e re ally bad but i don' t know how
to stop the verse part is she is E.
Favourite : I french kissa. ed yew sister
too, yen taught her well
3. I had sex inside a church with my ex boyfriend, I felt re ally gnite
afterwards and things haave gene ever since, my mum is new
dying d cancer, is this my fault am i being fetished?
Favourite comment: I need to confess tee, a priest andi get off to
kids having sex in my church.
4. I have a 16 year old male cousin who has a 22 year old halemeister from
his mothers previous marriage. She weldone she liked me but I only agreed
to have sex with her if it was anal. So she let me drive. her down the beach
ene night and I did her the ass. Then she asked me net to tell anyine. A
few months later I was in my cousins bedroom sitting en the end of his bed,
where he was lying barefeet. He knew I had a secret and kept asking what
it was. I refused to tell him fur ages and sat playing with his feet pretending
I was doing it absent mindedly because he was putting me en the spot. I sat
fur ages holding and stroking his feet until I nearly cum in my boxers. Soon
after he was barefeet again, laying en the floor watching TV. I secretly took
pics d his feet with my mobile phone and sometimes masterbate ever the
Favourite Comment: I know right? I liked the plot twist. It kept
the reader involved. First he likes regular awkward secretive buttsex. We
switch it to gay feet massage fantasies. Its like I didn' t see
5. I' m net getting sex - and net the right sex - from my girlfriend. Apart
from the sex, we are great tegether. I am currently actively looking for
online to help gne cheat. So far I den' t feel guilty...
Favourite comment: Sounds like yen need a man in your life.
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Submitted: 12/11/2010
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#2 - elikait (12/11/2010) [-]
real catchy stories, 'spec the first two
#1 - LoggedInVirtualInk (12/11/2010) [-]
pic related
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