Its the same girl. .. Its summer glau hover hand same girl
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User avatar #3 - fontos (12/11/2010) [-]
Its summer glau
#4 to #3 - anon (12/11/2010) [-]
Yes! She plays River Tam in Firefly and Serenity. She is at a convention like comic con. No average nerdy guy is actually going to put his arm around her.
#5 to #4 - anon (12/11/2010) [-]
My cousin met her at Dragon Con and does not have a hover hand!
User avatar #2 - WirelessWizard (12/11/2010) [-]
Blast! She must have some sort of forcefield!
#6 - anon (12/11/2010) [-]
If I ever meet Summer Glau, I'm gonna grab her ass and take a picture to disprove this whole thing.
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