MILEY CYRUS. CAUGHT SMOKING A BONG. Video link! miley cyrus bong SNEED
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Bong Hit Gives Mile)! Cyrus
the Giggles
Friday December IO, 2010 10: 45 AM EST
Huey Cyrus
4 an pebble like this. Be the first A video the pup Hangman
Like Jafa' r" friends. partying the week m her 18th
birthday with a bang has
surfaced, but searies tell TMZ
that Cyrus was net smelting marijuana.
Accessing the rebut, she was smelting a natural herb, sates, whim is
legal in California and has effects.
Tm having a little bit m a bad trip," Cyrus says inte the Tamera, befire
asking her "friend", "Is that a Liam - is that my boyfriend?"
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In between mus & giggles, she asks, "Is that me tripping? Does that leek
like Liam at all?"
The ween, which was shet five days after her birthday, ends in Cyrus
saying, "l want mere m that s-," after laughing and rambling
ineed presentably.
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