Triplet. I have not made this, but it made me laugh.<br /> Thumbs if you like it.<br /> Visit my profile for more.. A woman was pregnant with triple
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I have not made this, but it made me laugh.<br />
Thumbs if you like it.<br />
Visit my profile for more.

A woman was pregnant with triplets, 2 girls and I boy.
One day she needed to go to the bank for some money,
but when she got there she arrived to find a robbery
was taking place.
The woman got shot by the criminal 3 times around the stomach.
When the woman went to the hospital the doctor said
the triplets would be fine but operating would be to
risky so the bullets were left in.
16 years later one of the girl triplets came into
her mothers room crying, her mum asked her
what was wrong, the girl said " i was peeing and this
bullet came out" so the mother told her what
happened 16 years ago.
The next day the same thing happened with the other
girl triplet, so the mother told
her what happened 16 years ago.
The day after that the boy triplet came into his
mothers room crying, the mother said to him
let me guess, you were peeing and a bullet came out?"
the boy replied "no, i was jerking off
and i shot the dog".
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Submitted: 12/30/2009
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User avatar #123 - Antifag (01/12/2010) [-]
i saw this is in my grandmas email xD
#122 - commando **User deleted account** (01/03/2010) [-]
my entire school says that joke wrong man its soooo!!! ******* stupid but the original is funny
#119 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
What i dont get is, why is the dog standing infront of him?...
#118 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
who jerks off with a towards a dog?
#114 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
repost. but still funny as hell
User avatar #116 to #114 - ThatCoolGuy (12/31/2009) [-]
this is ******* so much old but it never loses the fun :D
User avatar #120 to #116 - felixthemaster (12/31/2009) [-]
u commented on my pic!
#113 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
User avatar #117 to #113 - ThatCoolGuy (12/31/2009) [-]
ra tatata tat at at tatata
#108 - guyforpie (12/31/2009) [-]
im tired of people typing jokes. i know everyone on here wants to see funny PICTURES. copy and paste if you agree

User avatar #110 to #108 - Redfinale ONLINE (12/31/2009) [-]
Srry guyforpie, but the site is called funnyJUNK, not funnyVIDEOS or funnnyPICTURES. So the only way at the moment that i can see how these text jokes can be shared is to type them, convert the pic into a jpeg, and put it in the funny pictures section. to ppl that don't agree, STFU and GTFO
User avatar #109 to #108 - swiftarrow (12/31/2009) [-]
Sorry if you don't like it.
It is the first (except for the "Story"wich can be seen as a joke) joke i've put on this site though.
It was just meant as a joke (Repost since it wasn't mine) i liked.
I never expected it to reach "Top content" oh well..seems people like this joke as much as i do.
#106 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
Typing out a joke and then converting it into a .jpg doesn't make a funny picture. Fail.
#115 to #106 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
atleast they uploaded something good you dumb ******* anon. fail.
#104 - anonymous Comment deleted by swiftarrow [-]
#99 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
looks like
*puts on glasses*
He didn't see it coming
#100 to #99 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
*hands u napkin* but you certainly did... you got a lil on ur hair pal.
#105 to #100 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
the victim was pecked to death by chickens
looks like it was
*puts on glasses*
foul play
#107 to #105 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
people are too stupid to know what a fowl is so you're an diot
#96 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
guess this puts a new meaning to the term "shooting blanks"
#102 to #96 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
but.. it wasent blank...
#95 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
so why was he jerking to the dog?
User avatar #103 to #95 - Yabyub (12/31/2009) [-]
******* furries
#101 to #95 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
for the same reason you jerk yours duh!
#98 to #95 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
you are such a retard
User avatar #93 - uCLOUDu (12/31/2009) [-]
Im not one to say repost but i already posted this, go look at my profile, it got to 2nd on the top funnyjunk.
#94 to #93 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
It says this joke is not his.
He just wanted to post someting funny
#91 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
He must be fido-bear
User avatar #90 - llcoolz (12/31/2009) [-]
such bad grammer "i did not made this one"
#111 to #90 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
why the hell can nobody spell grammar! ******* idiots that try to correct others.
#112 to #111 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
User avatar #124 to #112 - Mudkip (01/17/2010) [-]
You idiot! If you're gonna Grammar Nazi, it contradicts the point to put it in all capital letters. Use capitals only at the beginning of your sentence and when you introduce a proper noun (a name for example) into the sentence.
PS. Grammar Nazis are not owning anything in your sentence, therefore, you are using an unnecessary apostrophe.
#97 to #90 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
grammar nazi fail!
#92 to #90 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
Retard, he said " I have not made this, but it made me laugh."
#89 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
Why the hell would he ***** it with his dick pointed at the dog??? Oo
User avatar #88 - Yabyub (12/31/2009) [-]
I guess this was funnier the first three or four times I saw it.
#87 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
#85 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
"dog dead on the floor"

boy - ooooh snap *shakes head*

captcha = extoi well depends which way you look at your dog......
#82 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
who would tell their mom that he was jacking off
#84 to #82 - anonymous (12/31/2009) [-]
Shut up, it was to catch you of guard, i almost fell out of my chair..
#86 to #84 - tcalhoun (12/31/2009) [-]
omg me 2
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