The year 1337 was awesome. 1337 year...Did anyone else notice the Edward the Black Prince thing?. I mm - the free - "MIP, Firefag: file Edit Llieno Fstory Bookm leet my Moter is homicidal
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The year 1337 was awesome

1337 year...Did anyone else notice the Edward the Black Prince thing?

I mm - the free - "MIP, Firefag:
file Edit Llieno Fstory Bookmarks looks Lileep
L", [Untitled]
git Logins _ 5% (postcards) l Form Filling l disire E Generate
I March 16 - Edward. the Black Prince is crowned Duke of Cornwall. Leaders." State leaders - Colonial governors
links here I The Hundred Years' War (c. ) begins between France and England. (:seguir:
I Related changes I Philip VI of France confiscates Aquitaine.
I Upload) I Eliphas Priory is founded in England. v__ j_ a -
ite. c? l. "T I The Scutigera family loses control of Padua: Alberto della Scala, music patron of the Italian . moa. res to Veronica. _.
l, , t: t',, 1,'' trr, tma I Francesco Petrarch (often considered the first man ofthe Renaissance} first visits Rome, to wander its mysterious ruins with an eye I
for aesthetic as well as for history, exciting a renewed interest in Classical civilisation.
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I Gregorian calendar 1337 -
I Louis ll, Duke ) ma
I Astoria's I Jean Froissart, historian and Haircut (d. 1405) Armenian calendar ma
I Jeong , Gorier diplomat and poet (d. 1392)
Bah an calendar -507 - -
I Ease Bannu mason
Also sea Ca u. J Bengali calendar 744
I lien a [WERE
Berber calendar 2287
Deaths [edit] .
Buddhist calendar Issi
I Beksinski I January 8 .r. flott? ch , Italian Painter (b. ) Burmese calendar 699
I I June Squilliam Ill, Count of Haircut Byzantine calendar
I I June 25 - Frederick Ill of Sicily (b. 1272) Chinese Calendar : ,
I Catalan I date unknown ()
I Angelo Clarine. Italian Franciscan (b. 1247) -ID-
I Cesky I Mansa Musa, nun century King ofthe Balinese Empire ", _
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It's fixed now, though.
#2 to #1 - ComfortablyNumb (12/29/2009) [-]
Well unfix it.
User avatar #3 - KeraWoolfe (01/01/2010) [+] (3 replies)
[url deleted]
Check out what I found when I went there today. :D
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