when in doubt. ...do a barrel roll. File 1 KB, 251x153} apr a -near. Ch up bad... Anonymous / 09( Tue) soup /Mathis is a serious thread for I have a very seriou chan Barrel roll
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when in doubt

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apr a -near.
Ch ****** up bad... Anonymous / 09( Tue)
soup /Mathis is a serious thread for I have a very serious. serious problem.
So today was my one year with my beautiful girlfriend. It' s so easy to get along with her and we' virtually never
had alight It' s interesting, because this year seemed to have flown by so fast. Anyway... tothe point
We had both been having pretty ******* stressful weeks, so I decided to surprise hurwitz an amazing dinner (we
originally were going to celebrate it over the weekend since we were so busy). I took work to make the
******* thing too- It basically took me about 5 hours to make the time cooking really too- I set up the
table all nice as well: candles. . wine, cheese, etc. All is going to be amazing.
She finally comes home at around 5: FST) and sees that I cooked dinner! She was surprised. but also said she wasn' t feeling very well. She forced a
smile, and sat down to eat as I placed all ofthe food on the table.
This is where it gets bad, wowreally ******* bad.
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Cl Anonymous 12/ ( Tue) 16:
Anyway as we sit down, she kind of makes a weird face- I ask what is says she feels extremely wants to eat first anyway. So right
as she takes a bite of the ( pauses. I ask her whats wrong again, but all of the sudden she THROWS THE **** UP EVERYWHERE. All over
my ******* god damn face, my food, and my new ******* clothes Ijust bought two days ago. A sudden hash of rage overcame me and I her
across the face- Three things happened at this Poirot,
IO Immediate regret
A) Blood squirt out offer nose
l) She faded
Immediate shock hit her face- She started bawling like mad and ran to our room. I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking about how much I ****** things
up. After another 5 minutes, I smelled **** . I got up and investigated her area_ and found that not only did she fart, but she ******* **** all over the chair.
What the **** do I do ml? She' s locked in our room and she' s sobbing uncontrollably- I have never felt this awkward/ embarrassed/ shameful in my life.
protip: don' t hit your girlfriend you stupid **** . go apologise to her and make sure she' s alright.
I Anonymous '/ 09( Tue) : 30
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