Facebook Wins and Fails Part 4. funnyjunk.com/funny_pictures/1318775/HAIL/. r: journey Truly my El r. hours so ya Text message Comment ore Mike I wars so outrag
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Facebook Wins and Fails Part 4

r: journey Truly my
El r. hours so ya Text message Comment ore
Mike I wars so outrageous???
My costume woo werent our last night
about an hour ago one
Mike ex Nah, r my nave a costume and r had a couple or
options my things re do and r went won the one that got rye sex
about an hour so rye : , eery.
my rye mourn
Wall Photos so Jenifer hmmhm W.
Robert My gonna go the Indy gage mute won my halloween
costume, but Instead recovering mysefl meat My Just gonna cover
cheese and be as my
Comment We
15 October Hill]
B‘/ Tam -yen Photos
rd James you (hrs
Ann: TATT decent, good wink name an gm caught
Orpg one Flag
our mean but you an a boa
Alum one
1 ‘i rake rim Internet was a movie, Google would be played
by Morgan Freeman.
my A were (enema. Megusta
Emu when means more. would be Kenna Reeves
More _ hears Me some
him _ And khan would be Danny Du/ an
Marc CO ram; Me gust.)
my Heath Ledger (mild may Myspace
Too mom
Ham Lu" rovers Yano rye gusta ( r persona
Aaron Alight. After months or preportion, the warty: over. worry now
attempt to (raver backwards m Irma exactly 5 manures.
gt / Comment one
2. misrules We -one
Justin .
Aaron In [,
Comment one
rd Kevyn and Andy he one
Aaron in Twotimes m a cowl, Thy: rs awesome But now my the heavy SM.
hunt some ,
aty, reedmaster Comment We “mum”
Shayna There are gang in be so many Smoky: he Halloween as
one on thaa honey and men than all n the fate,
Jack o n e . Wow, andeck rm 24 hours
Comment one
mans mayor in so sorry (((
2 hours ago one
yo sorry
and Porn
ya ago one as people
cannery UK:
n Brendan is germ; yo no headquarters m the morning for
anon a that wank‘! have been a sober we 15
years ago AOL' s nave». What rm. are you rockyg urn ye
the last Walkman ever produced? my be sure In page yer. Inter ye
one out the results alum more somethig ran an Askjeeves
42 n' routes we owe A r person Hmong‘ corn
Mike 22 years and 9 months no a cumshot was heard around
the world. you are that cumshot. Congrats, happy birthday
yr hows ago Comment um. -o
James I n I heard they made a versjon er Rock Band for Rihanna
but it was we easy to beat
s hows we Comment one
lamebook com
yr y. u I acrylic paint e what are you good for?
You dry when I need you wet, and you' re wet when Ithink you' dried.
Shame an you and your hes.
minutesago Comment Unlike
new I The reason rs has no wove" button is because men wouldnt
be able to find P
about an nacrene Comment one
Brynne Nay mean the moo. button,
Lyn meteor.
John ouch or
St miutes an Mk: CON,
James n God created Saturn, and be you t, so be pure
w roe on t.
minutesago Comment one
Oliver I i.. Abought one mimosa an -bullying bands
today. I say bought. I actually stole it from a short, fat ginger kid
minutesago one
lameduck my
antes .: Comment one
Andrew y y f e Drain: rs worm a tousand wards, someone
Just said "douchebag" a men
Lre my
Stephen youd tank my m Grand wen Auto A more
ream somethine was up when y come to prey her upfor a date m a pence car,
ruddied bullet holes, wth Homes on the back axle, and blood arr
windscreen. but nope. mam say anyrhing.
o Comment Unike
a scanner. R
one momoerz corn
Luke Skywalker over to run. travyon to pox up some power
a on e we Comment one
Uncle Owen No or nor We need sane wards up yr ens boon
a one one any We
are Sup
e, long one be one
new sue
a one one any one
any hm, We one message for ens dude moan
a re we We
our mob. < Thais me, bra
a one one see one
Luke , r u a mass wan r could be
one I
e long one as: one
Buy Keehl you any or raw rs deem
a on; one we -one
Luke Skywalker my.
a one one we one
an rye need m gene: Alderaan
are mesa
use Solo sue
a long one as: one
Jewbacca Sup
a one one ago one
a one one an one
than Solo own, or planet sit here, bro
arena one an one
Don' t tease fat kids, they have enough on their plates
Mimi Good last
lar- :ehen‘ Comment We
canes no
Minutes no -one
Kyle - Imam, r dont want to be a maker anyrhing, but f Kym
ever gets m a auto accedent, rm garrys re call her Kym
my the rest or my we
Comment one
rd weenie We one
Derek " or fshy ever gets her up rm same
Dams rays, and than gets angry you ward cal her on
one "Gaypeople
Kyle may were was a mammary and yr herself an fre, shed be on
hours we one
Derek as Dr f she or we some Bursary Dak she more be on
3 hours an -one
Kyle or she could be really ore sew and be on
2 hows am one . eer..
Nana an likes Being a Grandmother and Sucking Dyck For Money.
Lacey , you need to burn calories. Mime Quran
castro 2: as Everyone should be PURPLE today to show your support my
are and have been burned duet» bong gay,
and was due tome abuser v
Comment one
Michael rm a gay were shot
2 see one my aperson omepwk can
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Submitted: 12/05/2010
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#20 - irongator (12/06/2010) [+] (11 replies)
Brought to you by the letter "F"
#19 - JKerg **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#16 - MorningBreeze (12/06/2010) [-]
thank god for assholes on facebook
thank god for assholes on facebook
#11 - jsbot (12/06/2010) [-]
Hi guys, did u here about this new website myspace
#22 - beavernator **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (1 reply)
User avatar #8 - djgeeza (12/05/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Tylenol and Porn IT'S GENIUS!
#29 - doohicky (12/06/2010) [-]
LOL look at the fifth one where it should say "Like"
User avatar #12 - Sabre ONLINE (12/06/2010) [-]
The myspace one made me pause, then laugh, then feel bad for laughing, then REALLY laugh.
#21 - xxxsonic fanxxx (12/06/2010) [-]
#59 - arnoldbusk (12/06/2010) [-]
i have an idea! I'll just go to  lamebook.com,  copy the images, paste them into paint, upload them and then get on the frontpage!
i have an idea! I'll just go to lamebook.com, copy the images, paste them into paint, upload them and then get on the frontpage!
#30 - ihasapie (12/06/2010) [+] (4 replies)
User avatar #23 - noseses (12/06/2010) [-]
Thao is the greatest doctor
#51 - goshjoshfive (12/06/2010) [-]
...heath is not amused...
#46 - fishinyourface (12/06/2010) [-]
&lt;-- the guy who &quot;won't wear a gay purple shirt&quot;
<-- the guy who "won't wear a gay purple shirt"
#45 - EpicSauceOnPie (12/06/2010) [-]
I lol'd at the 5th one &quot;me gusta&quot; XD
I lol'd at the 5th one "me gusta" XD
#39 - LOoSERMaN (12/06/2010) [-]
What kind of name is Elizaveta 0_o
#26 - Trollercoaster (12/06/2010) [-]
17th pic
User avatar #17 - Kelsenial (12/06/2010) [-]
Funnyjunk would be Ryan reynolds
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