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Facebook Wins and Fails part 3

Veto I FACEBOOK POLL! Iwank your opinions,. Do you consider
kissing cheating or is It only cheating if you have sex??
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Erin Vasrg scherzo! .
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Lisa A yore Flaggable mat of enema
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Rachel urn, Aims. please donrt?? arrietty ante
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omen then you would maybe mini (wit: Amour sons
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Josh is mesons.
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Steven both are (Malina but kissing is
depening some his sex cheatcc and
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Linden (news.
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may mesons. but is still less Man offense. at
least to ye.
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David mesons is we (lam: laws. Nobody really tales f
no Sheena Hymns! people have probabaly been guilty or in Ans
when you so get caught you get A my on the wrist Ans maybe A
rye. if you get and crash mm A school Tone .
my: pretty issues no by semi Tone i mun vagina. and by
crash i mean have sex with
2 hours we we A I nelson
Ryan my mom was making brownies and looked over at me
batter on her face and said "look, may Sanchez!' Please God, erase
this from my memory.
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lam: hook. soy.
may i f d it amusing that such o seemingly
Comment we
wer, Have on interview to become a package delivery boy
for UPS m g up My Wes about m take one step closer to becoming
sonny. we
James I mu' reso numb.
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more. Cum new See in " tng
package" In when you we.
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no Ssomeone sens you and you dont like t are you being molesters
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Nate is only other person says no
ore semis surname werfs prone dies ore you my
sexing o dead wow
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Thats haw you geniuses
meson, at t my Unlike a s people
Lilla salon stop
Tuesday oi t may we
Tuesday at 1 my we
no so ore Timon; good or bad in this case
Tuesday at t my we
Nate [would use yyour Banal has been
reaming within the was days
Tuesday at t we
Aaron’ .yes, especally f t was o throwaway call
Tuesday at t Amy we
Nate Justwat: h lustful dead zones, you drop o
call and end up my bluetooths
no _ Emma
surnames snow keys sons on
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Alex Hahn this made my day
Tuesday at t may we
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Nate yes sons angular was so always hard to keep
was the bar
Tuesday's I my we so aperson
no i: but your o my now then the is always sow
i. issoo, we
Nate especally no my o blackberry
Tuesday at I my we
Austin n .
no slewing around is one ow. all My Ode
Tuesday at 2 may we
Just") fur o we bad idea
Tuesday at 2 may we huehue cam
Amy mamm muslin just call the eons an i hit
him n the dick, but he dump me and spill inlaid on my mini
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Peter .
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Leslie . y mun
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Peter . x m
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Leslie {7-} kfu( k
minutesago we
Martin . If evoltion is murder, then masturbation is genocide.
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Alexia‘ ’ and the bowjob is .
Kitty .
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Amanda Remember Fle'
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Klan Great answer
about o yippie an [*
Jacki was God, if you give us back Biggie, you can have
Justin amber.
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Emily Me: Would NEVER buy a on that wasn' t
money. we
ob Cane
Swan you Drive a vows.
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Emily may Yeah sunny parents bought
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he no . f that is how van feel. mabbe we
amiss! sen l and van can walk to school
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Dams; You cant sell that can no. my on the
slain: i penned off in tha backseat
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Emily my _ Darius
is nanites ago
In betterer kidding Emily.
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lam: huck. roy.
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William so '
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I kristi Elena, whatthe fie". ore you crying in
August B at ii easy we
1051 11 my we Gayperson
August 19 at ll my -we
is humble
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