Spread The Word!. Help spread the word save the memes from corporate businesses trying to copyright the memes!<br /> Watch this video! - "Meme Ov
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Spread The Word!

Help spread the word save the memes from corporate businesses trying to copyright the memes!<br />
Watch this video! - &quot;Meme Overload&quot; www.youtube.com/watch?v=g18LtnpjlgI<br />
This video pissed me off! We can't let this happen.

Fellow anons,
A large corporation has in secret stolen our memes to generate massive prettys
This corporation is Rocketboom.
They have created a website known as , and by stealing our memes,
they generate millions of dollars in prom each year. setting richer each year.
Memes belong to everyone. Why should anyone get money for them?
Does it make sense when our beloved charts the origin at memes,
can barely keep up while Km can afford tennis and big houses?
And they are backed by Sony. If their than doesn' t wage you, thei hypocrisy should.
it one of us posts a walkthrough on new to heat a game with a music clip looping in the background?
Lawsuits. .
an stealing our memes, and exploiting our mom r and then getting rich off us is OKAY?
And what will happen it Sony tries to DJWRIGHT our memes?
In addition. they constantly break rules 1 a 2,
They are responsible for causing the cancer that now exists in /on
However, despite all that they have done so tar.
The final straw is this video.
Watch t
com/ memeoverlord
It' s time we screw them back.
Their own greed can and will be used against them.
On December tth, for the entire week, mu this bat: http:// () I _ ' s ads.
Their account will get suspended.
They get disqualified by advertisers for suspected ', losing their some of income.
simultaneously, gather as much porn and gore now. create a fake knowyourmeme account beforehand.
use for your fake accounts.
On the 12th .. united, we shall spam with GORE. Remember to use I Proxy.
On the lath ' naer, load LOW, and
Bump this thread repeatedly. The more Awards know, the more the and will he
Also, get in the IRC.
imasinner. org # . Whurl, com/ Stop The
fakes advantage of our mamas to make millions
While causing massive amounts of cancer
Wat do?
tth December - 12th December: Spam click we on
12th December: Upload GORE.
D Join IRS.
You know what to do. Send Pizza, black Fax, prank call, and harass the **** out of these millionaire jaws
Isml Dubs (twelio) Know Your Meme
Elspeth Rowntree
http:// / _ _ Andrew llama Leah D' Emir f b k mm
we Jerome Hwy _ 5334 Milka n We , (917) New york, NY y u _
17252 / wwy. . cora/ -/ / ROCKETBOOM
WE ARE Anl: : lus WE ARE Lololl: WE Du NUT FURTIVE WE DD NUT Fl: lrl: ET
version 1. 27
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Submitted: 12/04/2010
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User avatar #1 - fuckyourreposts (12/04/2010) [+] (4 replies)
lol if /b/ actually does this these ***** are going down mwahahaha
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