Neighborhood Convenience. OHHH YEAAAAH!. Wal mart would be the best friend. The one that has everything you could want to entertain you. Target would be the bes store Neighborhood stuff xd
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Neighborhood Convenience

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Wal* mart would be the best friend.
The one that has everything you
could want to entertain you.
Target would be the best
Friends older brother. You
see him every once in a
while but not like Wal* mart.
He has better pricey
clothes and less toys.
quiktrip would be the drug
dealer oi the neighborhood.
You go in to get your quick tis
and leave.
Walgreens would be the elderly
rich uncle that doesnt have alot
of stuff that appeals to you but
its alright. You get to see him
every once in a while but when
you do it usually has something
to do with medication.
Anyone remember this
guy? He neither! but
ventures is always talked
about by parent. It would
be the Great grandfather
that none of us never
actually met.
Price Chopper is like the
caring neighborhood mother
that makes sure the kids
around have what they need.
You only go there to eat and
drink pop.
In my oppinion MOI would
have be the single mother in
the neighborhood thats not
doin bad but shes not well oil.
food stamps her best friend.
Not that its a bad thing.
last but not least. theres Kmart.
Once the main attraction
whenever you went out. When
you were little it was inn to see
A ' her and she had everything you
could want. But nowadays you
like to visit iron time to time
but never stay to long without
losing it. Kmart would have to
be the denial great aunt you put
in a newsing home.
I like it keep it up
for more
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User avatar #4 - SonicTeam
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(12/03/2010) [-]
I never even heard of half of these.
User avatar #5 to #4 - nemonimity
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(12/03/2010) [-]
I always pictured wall mart as the fat mu-mu wearing lady who has to buy lottery tickets and scratch them at the damn counter so if she wins something she can turn to the pissed off patrons behind her and look for some kind of emotional connection for that brief second she says, I WONz A FREE TICKE'!
#7 - anon id: 6ad9d099
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(12/04/2010) [-]
you spelled nursing wrong dumbass
#3 - Rankor
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(12/03/2010) [-]
User avatar #2 - smilleykillz
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(12/03/2010) [-]
True.. very very true
User avatar #6 - Tussey
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(12/04/2010) [-]
**** Walmart It's like Target for poorfags