How does he do it?. . IE BE SEEN Bl THEN HIM WES MIME Ills Mitt so Mlip. He isn't a Vampire, so he can see himself! Problem solved.
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How does he do it?

Mitt so Mlip
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User avatar #11 - Yggy (11/30/2010) [-]
He isn't a ******* Vampire, so he *can* see himself!

Problem solved.
User avatar #18 - jewishunicorn (11/30/2010) [-]
if everybody complains about reposts

then isnt complaining about reposts, reposting?
#21 - Egypt **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [+] (2 replies)
User avatar #1 - FroshWeek (11/30/2010) [+] (2 replies)
He looks at Justin Bieber and tries to copy him
#4 to #1 - FacePalmHeadDesk (11/30/2010) [-]
which explains the jizz
User avatar #13 - TheChodeWarrior (11/30/2010) [-]
he has his boyfriend do his hair for him. duh
User avatar #8 - RebelGrahamCracker (11/30/2010) [-]
He had Jacob do it for him, after Jacob has jizzed in his hand of course.
User avatar #5 - chokeums (11/30/2010) [-]
he has a gay guy to do it for him
#24 - anonymous (12/01/2010) [-]
nice repost ********
User avatar #19 - ISocks (11/30/2010) [-]
isnt Dayja vu

kinda like a life repost?
#15 - KingWhompus has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #14 - FLCLol (11/30/2010) [-]
edward himself is so gay it overflows of his bodies capacity of gayness and leaks out in the form of his hair
User avatar #12 - phoenix grinder ONLINE (11/30/2010) [-]
simple troll physics...he cannot see himself, nor his hair. but sparkle putty remains visible in said mirror

so he puts sparkley putty in to assist in locating himself in front of mirrors
User avatar #10 - andhtwentyten (11/30/2010) [-]
i thumb this up every time i see it
User avatar #9 - SheepCrippled (11/30/2010) [-]
It grows that way to signal his gayness because he thinks wearing rainbow clothes wouldn't be obvious enough.
User avatar #7 - Jizz (11/30/2010) [-]
well he uses me as hair jell
User avatar #3 - kenman (11/30/2010) [-]
We are forced to conclude that his hair is intrinsically gay.
#2 - FacePalmHeadDesk (11/30/2010) [-]
he has a dude jizz in it and then he messes it up and leaves the jizz to dry
User avatar #17 - fakerman (11/30/2010) [-]
if the moon is reflecting the sun's rays
wouldn't vampires die at night as well?
User avatar #16 - Blondyman (11/30/2010) [-]
if everyone is complaining about reposts

then why do people keep posting them?
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