How To Shower Like a Woman. Thumb =)<br /> How To Shower Like a Man:<br /> /funny_pictures/1282364/How+To+Shower+Like+a+Man/. HOW TD SHOWER LIKE AWO How To Shower Like a Woman Thumb =)<br /> Man:<br /funny_pictures/1282364/How+To+Shower+Like+a+Man/ HOW TD SHOWER LIKE AWO
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How To Shower Like a Woman

Tales off clothing and place it in sectioned laundry ballast according to lights and
Walk into bathroom whearing long dressing gown. If you ssa your husband along
ths way, comm up any exposed flash and rush into the bathroom.
Look at your womanly physique in the mirror and stick out your gut so that you
can complain and whim, swan mom about haw fat you are getting,
Get in the shower. Look for dishcloth, , loincloth, long loofah, yids
loofah. and pumice stans.
Wash your hair mos with Cucumber and gig shampoo with 83 added
Wash your hair again with Cucumber and shampoo with 83 added
Condition your hair with Cucumber and with
crows mi. Laws on hair for minutes.
Wash your mos with crushed apricot facial scrub for IO minutes until red raw,
Wash stairs mat of body with Ginger Nut and Jaffa Cake "htat: ' t.
Rinse conditioner out of hair. (This mass at laast 15 minutes, as you must
sum yrah' gottan it all out.)
Shays armpits and lags. Consider bikini mas, but decide to gst it wand instead.
Tum off shower,
Squeegee off all wet surfaces, Spray any spots with Ilia.
Est out of shower. Dry with a the size of a small African country. Wrap hair
in saound .
Check stairs body for ths ANY sign of a blemish. Email. Attack with nails anyfur
if found.
Return to bedroom in long dressing gown with on head.
If you ass your husband along ths way, comer up any swam flash and rush into
ths bedroom to spend 2 hours gatting dressed.
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a bit long, would be better if both male and female one was on same picture in my opinion