4 chord song. My 1st post.....<br /> just me and my mate being random<br /> www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pidokakU4I<br /> Original. Mylife is bril
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4 chord song

My 1st post.....<br />
just me and my mate being random<br />
www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pidokakU4I<br />

Mylife is brilliant.
My love is pure. Friend
I saw an angel.
about an hour ago . Like
r- :..' I wanna be Forever young
about an hour ago . Like
l won' t hesitate no more, no more
It annot wait I' m Yours
about an hour ago . Like
it .. 1. 1. I' m not pretending
J. . No love, no hope, no glory
No happy ending
58 minutes ago . Like
you were amazing
And we did amazing things
If minutes ago . Like
i And I would
A I' d go wherever you would go
56 minutes ago . Like
And an you Feel the love tonight
56 minutes ago . Like
d: And she will be loved
57 minutes ago . Like
of you, pictures of me
Hung upon your wall For the world to see
55 minutes ago . Like
Aith or without you
55 minutes ago . Like
And whenever I Fall at your Feet
You let your tear
49 minutes ago . Like
f "i'. 47 minutes ago . Like
Hion Sol: -11 Double time? Double time!
45 minutes ago . Like
43 minutes ago . Like
ofttimes I Feel like I don' t have a partner
45 minutes ago . Like
U . ._i,, Thats the way It' s gonna be little darling
r.....: it we' ll go riding on the horseys yeah yeah
is-. 42 minutes ago . Like
No, woman, no cry.
Al minutes ago . Like
come from a land down under
Al minutes ago . Like
39 minutes ago . Like
Take on me, lake me on, I ll be gone when I W on lake
39 minutes ago . Like
l'. when I come around
38 minutes ago . Like
eave tonight
and fight the break of dawn come tomorrow
tomorrow I ll be gone
41 minutes ago . Like
if I z 9.: t, There' s nothing that a hundred men or more could
l '. nothing ever been the same liveth, or without you
37 minutes ago . Like
IFI were a boy
I thinka could understand
36 minutes ago . Like
i if well thats UK ause I got no
35 minutes ago . Like
Aith a thousand lies
And a good disguise
Hit "ern right between the eyes
Hit "ern right between the eyes
33 minutes ago . Like
we .ti. y . . all Cause I' m not here For your entertainment
s:'.. wanna mess Givith me tonight
32 minutes ago . Like
carat read my, an' t read my
No he an' t read my poker Face
32 minutes ago . Like
just and insecure
You Found me, you Found me
as minutes ago . Like
L: .' She wants to leave me DH
V She' ll never love me DH
29 minutes ago . Like
Enjoy yourself
Take only what you need From it
23 minutes ago . Like
To the supermarket
22 minutes ago . Like
i“: Nothing' s fine I' m torn
I' m all out of aim, this is how I Feel
I' m cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the Mor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I' m wide awake and I an see
as minutes ago . Like
I' m more than a plane
f . as minutes ago . Like
a birdplane, I' m a birdplane
A mother ******* birdplane
26 minutes ago . Like
L 1' : Doesn' t that sound so dose to home
The way things could have gone
And doesn' t that Feel peculiar
when everyone wants a little more
And so thatl do remember
To never go that Fair
22 minutes ago . Like
whats all it lakes to be a STAR!
20 minutes ago . Like
Dude that took over a hour
all minutes ago , Like
c"' ******* .
19 minutes ago . Like
trueiam it was
all minutes ago . Like
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Submitted: 11/28/2010
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User avatar #2 - Stjimmysson (04/01/2011) [+] (1 reply)
Why is one suddenly saying 'Bon Scott' after hours of censoring?
#1 - shoolayce (11/28/2010) [-]
Much better :D
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