What is up with FJ.. once again, not asking for thumbs or a place in the top 15. i just want people to see this.. hello funnyjunkers, i some to you today with a
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What is up with FJ.

once again, not asking for thumbs or a place in the top 15. i just want people to see this.

hello funnyjunkers, i some to you today with a rant, a rant that i hope
everybody becomes aware of. not asking for thumbs up or a place at
No one gives a ****
about graphs, they tell
us things we all can
work out for ourselves.
like that twilight one,
we all know that 85%
top 15 i dont give a **** , ijust want people to know this.
a Mons
MP Nice "
but Lmwi sum mm my
mm mm.
people hate twilight!
the newest poll on funnyjunk at the moment, that one about " to kill
hostile whatever" that has around on it. i am disgusted,
Null at this be new to : mm
i: mau. cam
um um
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Submitted: 12/24/2009
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User avatar #137 - Shiny (12/24/2009) [+] (3 replies)
Okay, I can handle sifting through the crap to see the real humor, but it's THESE pictures that piss me off.

First of all, the text jokes are funny. Not every funny pic takes a glance to get, and are we forcing you to read them? No. Maybe if you had an attention span longer than that of an infant you'd enjoy them.

Second, you say you want pics from the old Funnyjunk back. This is a retroactive thought; all websites evolve in some sense. When a website becomes more well-known, the attention whores arrive. YOUR whining won't help.

And finally, what have YOU uploaded to the site that was funny? I usually check the member names, and I just heard of you now.

******* elitist hypocrite. (Yes, I know I'm getting thumbs down. **** off, whiners.)
#315 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [+] (1 reply)
I honestly thought that was hilarious and that whoever made that proved a point! All the original stuff was way funnier than some of this new crap! But thats just my opinion!
#308 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [+] (1 reply)
This isn't funny either. You thumbs-up whore/hypocrite.
#312 to #308 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
User avatar #331 - oldirtdog (12/26/2009) [+] (1 reply)
I agree... this site used to be funny... what happened? Oh... the funny left :(
#167 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [+] (2 replies)
pfff, eggs shouldn't have faces. this is clearly photoshopped.
#134 - anonymous (12/24/2009) [-]
I have to disagree with everything you say, aside from the polls and twilight related pictures.
Most graphs are funny, and you usually relate to them which make them funnier.
Most ''long jokes'' are worth the read, as long as there in the top 15.
Also, these rant pictures are just getting old. Every person knows these things, and we don't need to hear them, really.
#171 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [+] (3 replies)
if 85% of people hate twilight then why has it made $275,000,000 at the U.S box office? man those 15% of people must have seen it hundreds of times lol
#172 to #171 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
well...out of 300 million people in the US (approximatly)...15%would be 45 million. Now...each of those people would have to pay $6.11 to see the movie. This, mathematically proves that yes....15% of the population likes twilight. My numbers do not take into account the number of people (mostly teenage girls and fags) that have seen it multiple times.
In conclusion 85% of people hate twilight, 90% of people will agreee with me, and 100% of people think you're a total douche
User avatar #56 - seekercat (12/24/2009) [-]
I like the long reads. They're funny.
#321 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
idk, I do think the polls and thumb up whores are stupid. But I like the jokes. those are pretty funny. And if you don't want to read them you dont have to.
#348 - anonymous (12/29/2009) [+] (1 reply)
it is funny how u say that people come for a quick laugh....and we just read a novel that u wrote about how much you hate fj.....if u do then why are you on it anymore,,,,???
#349 to #348 - anonymous (12/29/2009) [-]
Obviously he says that so as he can save funnyjunk and this is different, it's worth the read to get FJ back to normal.
User avatar #328 - metalocalypse (12/26/2009) [-]
this man is my hero. and he makes a very strong point.
#263 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
i like long jokes and graphs btw i know u r goin 2 thumbs down
#258 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
I honestly don't mind the reading stuff, it's just the polls and the thumbs up whoring I can't stand...
#145 - anonymous (12/24/2009) [-]
Shame you don' t include "stupid rants nobody gives a **** about" in there
#352 - anonymous (12/30/2009) [+] (1 reply)
XI i remember back in the day thier was no porn, polls. storys that take 8+ min to read, and no thumbs up/down >.> .... then the yellow background changed it attracted fagots that might thumbs down this comment
#275 - anonymous (12/25/2009) [-]
nobody likes rant pictures like these. go buy some icecream and cry yourself to sleep if you want to express your feelings. also, this picture isnt funny. so you made yourself look bad.
User avatar #260 - SeekayFilms (12/25/2009) [-]
And these pictures are still going to the top. What's up with FJ?
#18 - anonymous (12/24/2009) [+] (1 reply)
that was long... HIPOCRIT!... we didn't come here to read!
#39 - el nino (12/24/2009) [-]
sorry dude but i actually like the jokes. and some of the graphs i have to admit are funny. i mean there is some stuff that gets annoying like the twilight crap and thumbs up whores but seriously, u dont have to look at it if u dont want to. so please quit bitching
#36 - anonymous (12/24/2009) [-]
Missing: "Ugh, don't get me started on rants, I come here to laugh, not to listen to some ************** opinion."
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