Only In America. All you FJers rock! Thanks for the thumbs. BTW i have no problem with Cod! And PLEASE COMMENT! IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT, COMMENT AND T only in america  OC purplegorrila
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Only In America

All you FJers rock! Thanks for the thumbs. BTW i have no problem with Cod! And PLEASE COMMENT! IF YOU DON&amp;quot;T LIKE IT, COMMENT AND TELL ME WHY! PLEASE! I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK SO I CAN MAKE BETTER STUFF! <br />
And the top 10 comments will be in the next one <br />
And I don't really need 20 thumbs...

Only in America / 'iii,
his ega'"
Do we donate hundreds of millions of dollars to Haiti, and refuse funding for homeless shelters. "h' aiiray, "''''"'
ii if
Do we have ABMs with Braille writing. fig f
Do over :I. million people attend concerts ofa 15 year old homosexual who hasn' t hit puberty annually, and then have only Hg million vote for
Do we order a Big Mac, large fries, a Mcflurry, and a DIET Coke.
Do we have people protest relentlessly to stop the war, and then go home to play games where all you do is fight in one.
Can we get a pizza to our houses faster than an ambulance.
Do manufacturers make go% ofthe world' s "Made In China" Stickers, but only 4% ofthe "Made In The USA" stickers.
Do we have our cars that are worth Tens of Thousands of dollars in the driveway, but put all of our useless junk inside our garages.
Do we use ofthe planets recourses, and have a, 19 of our people struggle with hunger.
Do banks with millions of dollars leave their doors wide open, and then chain the pen to the desk.
Do we spend millions of dollars and countless hours complaining about our president, and do nothing about it.
I Challenge you! If have you have a good one, put: it: in the comments!
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User avatar #4 - questionaire **User deleted account** (11/28/2010) [+] (2 replies)
only in america do we find hot dogs in packages of 10 and buns in packages of 8
User avatar #3 - purplegorrila (11/28/2010) [-]
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