Video Game Warnings. EDIT The next part:<br /> Hope you enjoy!<br /> Thanks for t Video game warnings VideoGamer
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Video Game Warnings

Video Game Warnings. EDIT The next part:<br /> Hope you enjoy!<br /> Thanks for t

*EDIT* The next part:<br />
Hope you enjoy!<br />
Thanks for the front page <br />

Video Game Warnings
isetta a tendancy
A message fro , ' ea! Gear acompany
notice to
he nurses are
8% less sexy
c. head on.
you hit on them
t hey tend to
ihd return the favor...
ith a lead pipe
Notice paid for by the head of
Alchemical Hospital
Health Hazard!
Throwing knives are dangerous'. Be
careful not to
foot, it could ,
em on your
Paid by the 541. 5
Hope you enjoyed, and please thumb up or
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Submitted: 11/27/2010
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User avatar #5 - pikmindude (11/27/2010) [+] (6 replies)
i saw the hay and thought someone should post the gif of the anime scene with a guy searching through a pile of hay and finds a guy.
#9 to #8 - pikmindude (11/27/2010) [-]
hey look what i found!
hey look what i found!
#64 - raptorking ONLINE (11/27/2010) [+] (1 reply)
second one
second one
User avatar #1 - AngelOfDeathOfDoom (11/27/2010) [+] (8 replies)
warning: jetpacking will cause everyone on the map to shoot at you. UNSC
User avatar #67 - EvilSquiggly (11/27/2010) [+] (7 replies)
Would you **** the Silent Hill nurses if you had a condom?
Reply below o.o
User avatar #69 to #68 - EvilSquiggly (11/27/2010) [-]
I think this is why im afriad of anons..
User avatar #24 - ghio (11/27/2010) [-]
Lock your doors because a boy in a green hat has been going town to town destroying property and forcing the owners to replace them in an extremly quick manner.
Paid for by the citizens of hyrule
User avatar #18 - Lawlor (11/27/2010) [-]
Do not attempt to leave the map. A pokemon will attack you. Every. Single. Time.

Paid for by Professor Oak.
User avatar #92 - KillerBunny (11/28/2010) [-]
Warning: Doing Shrooms may make you feel larger than you are, and make you feel the need to stomp the **** out of innocent turtles.

Message paid by the Koopa Association
#73 - Savos Mok (11/28/2010) [+] (3 replies)
Warning: Wasps have been known to rape travelers to death.

Paid for by the New Vegas Department of Tourism
#26 - JuanZXKKCD (11/27/2010) [-]
I'd tap those nurses.........>.>
User avatar #49 - bobdonkey (11/27/2010) [+] (1 reply)
The Silent Hill nurses would be good to go if you stuck a bag on their heads.
#28 - XxVIOLATORxX (11/27/2010) [-]

Plastic guitars may give you carpal tunnel.

Sincerely the beatles.
User avatar #96 - GlennBeck (11/28/2010) [-]
Warning for soldiers: Do not stand near Red Barrels. Enemies may shoot through the wall and cause it to blow up and kill you. After you die, we will lecture you and how you shouldn't have stood near the red barrel.

Lectured to you by the head of the Black Ops.
User avatar #95 - ITSSUPERAFFECTIVE (11/28/2010) [-]
Warning: Just because you survived a nuclear Holocaust doesnt mean you can survive being shot in the foot.

Paid for by megaton settlers
#57 - CallMeCrisco (11/27/2010) [-]
Stop blowing my cover!
Stop blowing my cover!
User avatar #29 - ZenMacros (11/27/2010) [+] (7 replies)
Step 1: Put on Circus Leader's Mask.
Step 2: Run.
Step 3: Enjoy.
User avatar #17 - Lawlor (11/27/2010) [-]
About the last one, that's got to be something we've all thought of at least once, right?
User avatar #16 - sircool (11/27/2010) [-]
warning: do not inject your self with random syringes you find lying on the ground. And do not expect to receive god like powers.

Brought to you by Ryan Industries
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