15 MOAR Fun Things to do in an Elevator. Just re-uploading some old content that got deleted. :/<br /> Let's try to get it back to it's original thumb cou fun things to do elevator moar weird Scary
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15 MOAR Fun Things to do in an Elevator

Just re-uploading some old content that got deleted. :/<br />
Let's try to get it back to it's original thumb count, shall we??<br />
Nahh, you don't have to. Just hope it makes you laugh.

Fun Things we
TI an
Grimace painfully
while smacking your
forehead and muttering
Shut up, all of you
just shut UPI'
When arriving at
your floor, grunt
and strain to yank
the doors open,
then act embarrassed
when they open by
c When at least 8
people have
boarded, moan from
the back:
Oh, not now, damn
motion sickness!'
Mary Had a
Little Lamb'
while continually
pushing buttons.
Ask each passenger
getting on if you
can push the button
for them.
Call out,
group hug!",
then enforce it.
Leave a box in
the corner, and
when someone
gets on ask them
if they hear
something ticking.
Hold the doors open
and say you' re
waiting for your
friend. After awhile,
let the doors close
and say, "Hi Greg.
How' s your day been'?"
When there' s only
one other person
in the elevator,
tap them on the
shoulder and then
pretend it wasn' t you.
In a foreign accent
say "You are very
beautiful." to a
young girl. Pull
out some money
and say "How much
to purchase you?"
Say to an older lady
My you' got
nice hair." Pull
out a pair of scissors
suggestively at her.
Say, "Omigod, did
you hear that?"
And look completely
panicked while not
uttering a single
intelligible word.
Look at the ground
while standing in
the corner and
moan softly.
Wait until the door
is almost closed
then pry the doors
apart with a
painful expression
on your face.
Do all of these
things with a
friend, while both
of you are wearing
trench coats and
dark glasses.
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Submitted: 11/24/2010
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User avatar #3 - rubberpig (03/30/2011) [-]
I demand a 3rd!
User avatar #1 - Vibrator (11/24/2010) [-]
I'm the kind of guy that doesn't go in an elevator when he see's someone else is about to go into it too...
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