And That's Where Babies Come From. Demonbunny Original <br /> Thought I'd try my hand at trolling<br /> I feel like I've helped this guy. Hopefully, omegle troll lol Babies alpha
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And That's Where Babies Come From

Demonbunny Original <br />
Thought I'd try my hand at trolling<br />
I feel like I've helped this guy. Hopefully, I've helped you too.<br />
Thumbs where necessary

manger: hey as:
You: Forever atone
manger: as:
You: yerf?
manger: To m ma
You: alright
manger: so wats up
You: well, not a tot at the
You: just on here and facebook /
You: how about you'
manger: same just listening to must:
r u trom eng: ann or scuttle's
You: coo: cool
You: eng: ann r
manger: cool rm goth that we summer
You: really‘? which part?
Stranger: manchester
You: on cool
manger: so wats name
You: Chloe
Stranger: many
You: never heard that name more
manger: its a common name In the us
You: an fat: enough
Stranger: yeah so how r u
otso much In the P
You: yeah i' m good thank you mow are you?
manger: pretty goon med I had :: :: practice today cause my team has a giant malty game thursday morning
Yo sally‘)
You: rs that ameican ::: or the eng: rsh kiled?
You: I always get contused P to:
You: ohh fat: enough, nana
Stranger: yeah rm a wide resume: on the varsity team
You: no you we receiving? ,
manger: wen it comes to football yes
but If rateing to some other km of not sure wat u mean
You: you know exam what I mean ,
You: don! play numb with me
manger: owhh I know wat u mean now ,
You: I bet you no ,
manger: Ilyt guessing horny'?
You: to:
manger: rs that a yes or a no
manger: nana den to:
You: are you?
manger: maybe ,
manger: cool
You: you seem Insecure and unsure
manger: waldo u mean?
You: as In you seem like the km who wocket know what to no
You: like, youd get to the point where you' re about to no it
You: then back out
manger: I know wat rm mm
You: honestly’:
manger: yes
You: so, rt a girl you liked was getting really close to you and started coming on to you, how would you ream
manger: id let he come on to me
You: she' s making it apparent she' s realty Interested In to w
You: 'you
Stranger: yeah
You: and athough she' s not sat/ mg rt with words, she' s suggesting she wants to no something
You: she' s got that twink: e m her eye
You: the sprang m her step
Stranger: tn re: her come on to me and I wou: nen: back down
You: her tattoo seductively deepens, yet remains elegantly and my
You: what do you do, mike?
You: assuming your name rs mike
You: what do you do?
You: Ms pretend Chloe, an amature Ir year o: n girl from engrand rs with you at a party
You: you' re m a room rilled with people
You: bu: you tee: atone when you' re with her
You: she' s :ooking at you
You: you' re looking at her
manger: r would nut back
You: goon, mike, goon
manger: ‘many
You: she gradually making her way closer and close: to you
You: to the point where you just want to throw your drink down on the Mor, grab her round the wars: and passionately kiss her
You: to the point she says
You: "oh, Mike, you' re so maw"
You: and you say
You: "met, bitch and make love to me [l
Stranger: to:
You: You have to become the alpha male, Mike
You: Alpha as tuck
manger: once agaen my name rs grady
You: once agaen, whatever
You: so, Mike
You: what' s it to by
You: take advantage or the pretty girl?
manger: hell yeah
You: or we the rest or your Me m a regretful state or
manger: tn rather take advantage on aam: crunk pretty girl
You: no John, you don‘ I take advantage o: the pretty girl
You: that' s how rapists are created
You: you make her want you
You: not that other hot guy across the room
manger: not goon with names r m or
You: you make her want you, John, You
You: she starts talking about her everyday Me, an obvious sign she' s not interested
You: then you alpha the tuck up and interrupt her and say
You: "sorry, I gotta go talk to that other hut bitch over there"
Stranger: yeah that
You: then you man stride over to the other hot bitch
You: now who rs gonna start raging
manger: then wat happens?
You: shes gonna bitch stomp on over to you with her bitch legs and says
You: "Adam, take me now, you Alpha male"
You: then you make sweet, passionate, alpha love
You: right there
You: In tron: or the other flabbergasted bitch
manger: In: taking notes kg
You: and that, Shane, rs where Dames come trom
manger: not good at remembering names
You: then, 9 months later, out pops an army of mikes
You: ready to be at your expense
You: any mother tucking guestroom, faggot’?
manger: rm not a ragout
You: good
You: goon
You: you tell me how it rs, mike
manger: I have a question
You: you' re not taking any **** from any tout mouthed whore Ilka me
manger: yeahh
You: and I have an answer
You: but not Just any answer
You: I have THE answer
manger: r u a
You: no Carl, t am not a psychologist
You: 1’ m a mother rucking Alpha
manger: but I thought I was the alpha?
You: what' chu say, lagger?
manger: rm not baggot:: n
Stranger: N NOTA FAC%
You: NOW so GET EM
manger: rm goth to hang out with my now m
You: see, Grady’? we' made progress
Stranger: wow
You: you started this Journey a nerdy vragen, who came to the internet [mung tor a cheap m or whet sex
You: now you have a
manger: rm a Jock not a non!
You: l tee: Ike we' accomplished something here, Martin
You: You see, Mike?
You: Look how you' developed
manger: we had a wmm adobe:
You: Yet you come here, : was a girl
You: william to have whet sex with me
You: all the while
You: you have a girfriend
You: that' s alpha my mend
manger: a faggot bro
You: MOTHER ******* ALPHA
Yam partner has .
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User avatar #2 - masonfool (11/23/2010) [-]
get this to the mother ******* top XD
User avatar #1 - merlinboy (11/23/2010) [-]
#6 - anonymous (11/23/2010) [+] (1 reply)
Learn English.
#4 - MeatSweats (11/23/2010) [-]
TOO DA FRONT WIT DIS ******** !!!!!!!!!
#3 - gsquared (11/23/2010) [+] (1 reply)
pic related to mike/billy/john/adam
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