Christmas Dinner. Long, but worth the read. Guarentee it.. E‘ -'riginal ad: we need catering habour christmas day dinner party. must have ea-: prefence catering emails from an a Christmas
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Christmas Dinner

Long, but worth the read. Guarentee it.

E‘ -'riginal ad:
we need catering habour christmas day dinner party. must have ea-: prefence catering- SOLIDUS RESPONSES ONLY
lam writing in - chef witha inet of catering
experience- Iwas Restaurants Bon years- %
caterer, .
michael thank you . what we your rates? we are about twenty we at {IE dinner we as wig need eneough
Supplying the toad wilt not be a prai: -Lem- I have El wide variety at exquisite dishes tar you to choose tram, which I will Fist below. My
rates are peppa“ saan and it depends en the meat, but generally ranges tram permaban- are the meats I typically ofnarc
La dun: Triomphe
A meal of pure if and - El detritus plate of garnen readies hailed in the purest at water. Maddi's can he thawed with either
chicken wet seasoning-
Le in Personne
A & and The dish names with than pieces at tried chicken, mashed , Hahn grown
and a satisfying that is heated to absolute perfection.
Le Sandwich Rouge
A truly sandwich of ketchup spread aver a piece of head, and then tapped with another
piece of head. Carries with a side of tar dipping.
endeavour HEEL, thisi:: Jessee' 2% milk
with water an a diet.
LEI ? Mrrage
vampier widths that have been microwaved to sheer delight.
Iue interestedin, .
Thank you,
From Brian “W” ta Mrs:
what the hie actualy cater that **** to Th ? yea gt: -nna serve easy mac and Him tar christmas dinnered you ******
kidding me- my scan in amid rode: that **** !
From he to Brian “W”:
The twinge's ewe. I understand it yuan are an n diet, but for me, nothing celebrates the birth of Jesus the a twinkle and
mac- : I' en" t interested in we mi, areyou ? Le
Sandwich Rouge. That " , .
From Brian “W” to Me:
cut the nurse fancy trench names and mi! it n mama gross ketchup sanwich
From Me to Brian “W”:
lam attended that e use insulating my masterpiece meds. These we perfected family recipes that have been passed
down tar at chefs m my family- Ca: -Icing is my art, and tar you to insult me without even trying my work -agust pikin rude.
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Submitted: 11/22/2010
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#5 - emithith (11/22/2010) [+] (1 reply)
#4 - MrKeen (11/22/2010) [-]
successful troll is successful
#1 - vekoma (11/22/2010) [+] (2 replies)
I just gotta say, that was one of the funniest things I've EVER read.....I was laffing and crying while 'trying' to tell it to my family
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