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#8 - anonymous (12/22/2009) [-]
one divided by zero is zero.
easy way to prove

5 pieces of pie divided by 5 = that each person gets 1 slice

5 piece of pie divided by 0 = that each person got 0 slices
#14 to #8 - anonymous (12/23/2009) [-]
in that problem the zero would represent the number of people. if theres no people then the pie doesnt get divided in the first place
#12 to #8 - anonymous (12/22/2009) [-]
One divided by zero is one. It stays the same because 0 is nothing. It's one divided by nothing.
User avatar #9 to #8 - Avocado (12/22/2009) [-]
Dividing is spliting something into a group

like you say

5 pieces of pie into a group of 5 each get 1 piece

5 peices of pie into a group of 0 there is nobody and nobody gets nothing.
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