True Story (Worth read). Dad told me about it. tine day, a weman was walking arm tawn, going to the food market she always went to. As she entered the store, sh True story worth read funny TheBandana

True Story (Worth read)

Dad told me about it

tine day, a weman was walking arm tawn, going to the food
market she always went to. As she entered the store, she noticed
that the man at the register snt the normal man she was used
to. Uncing, she went right to her shopping for the food she
would need for the week. When she was done, she went up the
shier to buy all the food, when he said, "i' ' re lookin pretty
nice tonight.' [emu sed, she ignored the man, and went en with
putting her food en the chunter. Seeing she ignored him, the
man got inte a mere agrivated ‘mice and said, ‘Hey. you lookin
for a good timee Outra ged, the weman yelled at the man, and
told him to stop er she' d tell the authorities of his rude behavior.
In , the man immediatly grabbed the weman, holding
her down. Suddenly, he took some rope he has been hiding
behind the chunter and tied her up. The weman screamed, but
nobody was in the store but her and the man. With a smerk en
his fa , the man took the weman to the back mum. He ebbed
her face. as she spit at him. The man then got inte a strange
mood, and desided to take all her clothes. As seen as all her
clothes were off, he preceded to ‘lick her.’ In confusion and
discust, the weman screamed for help, but nobody was arm
the help. The manbutt sat there, licking her. Finally. IO minutes
later, anither weman walked inte the store. and heard all the
commeting. She immediatly lied 911, and watched through
the crack in the door as the man licked the wemo whale body.
As seen as the police arrived, the man heard them. and without
any fear, continued licking the weman. The police rushed in at
that moment. and took the man to the cop rs. I minutes later,
the man was released from the ceps, and allowed to back to
licking the weman in the back mum. The gnd weman whe
walked in was furious and screamed at the cops in anger and
confu den, asking why they let him gel The cops Just looked at
her and frowned saying, "There was nothing we could do ma' am,
we had to let him . The man has his liquor license.‘
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