MORMON CHAT COMP. funny. lie: new do magnets wont‘? d Michelle: Magnets are made of liens or materials, it) causing opposing but lesser electron rotation in nei mormons chat comp
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lie: new do magnets wont‘? d
Magnets are made of liens or materials, it) causing opposing
but lesser electron rotation in neighboring atoms and causing electron
rotation in the same direction in neighboring atoms. Because at this property, the
effective rotation oi electrical charge over a large Mums {cubic micrometers] oi "such
atoms is not zero as is the was with nonmagnetic materials}. and thus creates a
magnetic field [rotating electrical charge magnetic ), Must magnetic materials are
not magnets by demon bananas on an atten larger. scale {cubic millimeters or larger},
the atoms do not point in the same direction because they were' organized
from different points at the sometime. So what you have is granule which themselves
all have en' atiest' spin. but together point in random directions and therefore have
zero spin. by melting the magnetic material and allowing it to set while in the i
presence, of a magnetic fitted will cause to font: with an ethat) tige direction of
spin, thus creating a macroscopic magnetic , and thus ti partner till magnet.
Any other questions?
Me: why the water gets' me wet? :
Nathanael, nets missionaries has to teach the gospel atlases Christ and :
how that can help you in your his
if you arent interested in that, then we dont have anything " offer you
Michelle: Sony .
But continue to learn more on the website
Ills: wait
Agent [Michelle] has left the chat.
Md: I have a question
Okay, shoot.
has this you EH"? give me uif?
Nmber gonna give you upl Naver gonna let you
Hasanaat: run around and desert you!
Are you was me cry‘?
HI: Meyer gonna "say goodbye?
Meyer gorton. say goodbye
Nathanael: Hayes" -at he and hurt you!
Hasanaat: {Dob give you up)
Ho: We' re no to more
Hammad: {Dela} never gonna give, never gonna give!
Hasanaat: See, if waned be more funny if you came on with
the -name "Weir."
Hammad: That would melee the joke complete.
Hasanaat: its okay mutate. they teach you that in advanced
trollar' g.
Welcome to chat,
A missionary will be with you shortly.
is ready to assist you.
Seth: Thankyou for trolling through. I am here to who
sincerely) learn about our church. its you feel you have a
genuine. question to ask me?
lite: cm the. irony.
A will be will you shortly.
Agent {Elm is ready to who you
Elliot Hello. my name is Ellen.
Elliott: The an new use nailed to it -was
Ila‘. This funny cause rnktws, the noise thunder god
Thot, were e big hammer
The other one has ended.
A revisionary will be with you shortly.
Agent [Nathanael] is ready to assist you.
Nathanael Hello
He: no
lie: will you give me up?
Ham an asst: Never gonna give you opt Never gonna let you
Nathanael blaster gonna run around endorsers you!
Nathanael Never gonna make you cry
Me: trolled by a
Nathan aek Never gonna say goodbye
Me:. now] can die
Haman asst: Never gonna tell a he and
W' entente ta% shat.
A minimum will he with you shortly.
Diane: Hello
Is: Hi. than a operation.
Haitians] has joined the chat.
Diana: Elli
Helicon: has
In Hi.
the Bit. my intestine,
ls: Horde magnets work‘?
Diana: May! eat: what instants you in that questiong? because titers is so asking about that
I ' jthornton. org that — lolophile
Penny: How may I Help you?
Hie: -Hi
lile:' Lyly name is Steven
Iris: Am I wiring to an' actual human marshal?
Penny: Good to meet you Steven
Penny: An actual person
He: Okay
Penny: how are you?
He: God is the absolute representation of goo, correct?
ills: Goof
lite: Sorry
Penny: Correct
He: Am I Correct penny?
Penny: Yes -you are
Me: And He will punish all who are all mail, just the
absolute deffinition of mail, correct?
Penny: Right
He: Then why does God allow Justin Heriberto live?
Penn :Ci) ood eesti_ on, dent know
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