Pokemon after graduating 5. 25 down, 126 to go!<br /> OC good? OC bad? You decide.<br /> /funny_pictures/1213283/Pokemon+after+graduating/<br /&g Pokemon graduating kadabra krabby PIKACHU dodrio Eevee
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Pokemon after graduating 5

Pokemon after 5
Dodrio had the brain ofa students and he one hell of a runner. After
university he got a world record for the fated time running adress North
America and now spends his time trying to solve great mysteries.
Kadabra was proven to be the luckiest pokemon in the world, he made
ever , 000, 000 in his first week trying the stock market. Some say he is
could never make her own choice about what she wanted to be. She inherited
Eevee' s choices and decisions were controlled entirely by her father, she
her father' s company when he died and she shut it down.
a - tii '. Pikahu was voted "Most popular" on . He had many friends and was
generally 'likeable'. His ability to Bennett led him to becoming a marriage
Crashy, well that was her nickname, after having a nickname like that for her
whole time in university she mostly hid away. She didn' t change much after
graduation, she now does part time work here and there but never for tee long.
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