Pokemon after graduating 4. 4th one! 20 down, 131 to go.<br /> /funny_pictures/1213283/Pokemon+after+graduating/<br /> /funny_pictures/1213772/Pokem Pokemon graduating onix chansey Rapidash machamp bulbasaur
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Pokemon after graduating 4

Pokemon after graduating 4
viii. ii_.,..". 'c,'.. 1/ kiitti; This one always responsible, considerate, mature and both a pleasant and
I,,, intellectual person. She is at an internship in a very famous hospital.
Rapidash was the whore of the campus, she seemed to have followers eater
to her every whim. However, she dropped out and is now a manager for a
fast food chain.
Small, quiet, cute and a little slow at times but determined. After university
bulbasur learned to play guitar and now tours all over the world.
Now this guy was serious about his muscles, every day push ups then sit ups
then... After university he abused steroids and developed cardiovascular
problems, keeping him from training his muscles every day.
Onix is the guy that everyone looks up to He leads a very stable life with a
good income and a highly active social life and runs in the mountains often.
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I want to be an Onyx but I am too pesimistic, in reality in the end we all end up like the Rapidashes and in a rare case, a Bulbasaur.